Environmental Detective [SNES GEN MD – Cancelled]

Environmental Detective [SNES GEN MD – Cancelled]

Environmental Detective is a cancelled platform / adventure game that was in development by Magicom for the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive / Genesis. There is scant information about the project, save for a short description in an old Mean Machine magazine, found by Rod_Wod. Players would have taken the role of “Ozone Kid” to solve various green-related puzzles.

The character was meant to be an environmental do-gooder who picks up trash in his home town, “Recycle City” and always takes his refuse to the recycling centre. His other numerous antics include stopping spray cans from making holes in the ozone layer and preventing the rainforest from being cut down by evil crocodiles (WTF?). The general idea of the game was to inform children of environmental problems… but something went wrong during the development and Environmental Detective was never released.

Thanks to Rod_Wod the contribution! Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!


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2 thoughts on “Environmental Detective [SNES GEN MD – Cancelled]

  1. Someone

    I have this game on a floppy. It was given to me by the main developer more than 20 years ago.

    It may have started out as a multiplat title, but it was picked up by Sega who released it as a Sega Channel exclusive in North America. There was no cartridge release in any market.

    I believe the developer (Magicom) later morphed into Funcom, who are probably best known among retro gamers for the Sega CD ports of Samurai Shodown and Fatal Fury Special.

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