Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise [Cancelled – Xbox 360 PS3]

Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise [Cancelled – Xbox 360 PS3]

Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise is a cancelled open world action adventure that was in development by Deadline Games in 2006 for the PS2 and PC, but soon moved to next-gen consoles (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) before being canned. The project was a sequel to the original Total Overdose, a combo-focused action game with over-the-top gunfights that was published by Sci Entertainment / Eidos in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and XBOX.

Deadline Games started to work on an updated Total Overdose graphic engine to use it in this next gen sequel, but the game was never finished. It seems that their publishers were not interested in a sequel, so the team moved their resources on new original projects. As we can read from an old Gamespot interview with Deadline Games’s former CEO Chris Mottes:

GS: And can we assume that your next game is going to be a quality action title?

CM: I would almost guarantee it.

GS: Tell us what little you can about the project.

CM: It’s a game that is set in an environment similar to Total Overdose, although the project is very different. We’re actually, I have to say, not doing Total Overdose 2, which a lot of people seem to still assume, because unfortunately Eidos pulled out of that, and you know, once bitten, twice shy. So, the next project is an action game, and it’s going to be based on some really cool things that happened in the real world.

On May 2009, Deadline Games filed for bankruptcy, only a few months after releasing Watchmen: The End Is Nigh. The company has previously been reported to have been struggling to find new projects and publishers for their games. Shadow Hunter, Faith and a .45, Killing Pablo Escobar and Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise, vanished with the closure of the studio.

Thanks a lot to Jonas Springborg and Adam Rishede for the help in preserving their artworks created for this project! Some more images are from Carsten Brandt’s website. All images are copyrighted Deadline Games.


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49 thoughts on “Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise [Cancelled – Xbox 360 PS3]

  1. Overdosed

    Total Overdose wasn’t exactly a ‘GTA Clone’. It only had a similar art style, but was a lineair, combo-focussed action game.

  2. Vicente

    well, total overdose was´t exactly linear, it was like GTA, you could go around in the city, do the mission and special missions.

    the psp version, called chilli con carnage, a re imagination of the total overdose, was linear.

  3. ToAks

    WTF???? Total Overdose was made by the same guys that did Watchmen`??

    Total Overdose was awesome.
    Watchmen was maybe one of the worst games i have played the last 5 years

  4. Danny

    It`s sad they never launched a sequel . Total Overdose was the best action game I ever played, I still play it even 6 years after it was launched . Total overdose 2 would have been awesome

  5. Anonymous

    total overdose was the best action adventure game i’ve ever played , and it was kinda cool too. And its sequel would have been awesome .

  6. Orkhan

    Im planning to create a wiki of Total Overdose you never know maybe someone will come across this game and buy the title and relaunch it!! anyone interested in helping me please feel to contact my email [email protected] (i actually need some help:))

  7. Rock

    Still i have not seen any other games like TOD….,.its totally rock @?!,BooM?@!..,,,,,i think…the maker of TOD ….should be make a sequel…

  8. Alik

    If Eidos didn’t realase TOD,maybe other company can do it,I HOPE they’ll continue this game,its better than GTA,BEST GAME OF THE 21 CENTURY!!!(sorry if i have mistaces)

  9. Zero225

    Total overdose is a great game but It’s a same that they pulled out of the project!!!
    However there is a sequel to it called Chili Con Carnage !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Zeeshan

    Total Overdose totally rocks. Never played a better game. All fun and action. Publishers and Deadline should really take it up for a sequel

  11. Narendra kumar

    After reading this page I am very sad because I am the person till today don’t know that TOD’s sequel is not done The people who loved games will never forget TOtal OVerdose and really want that if sequel is not done another game with the same adventure.

  12. No-One

    Total Overdose was one of the most fun games I’ve ever played – it even had that mental wrestler and zombie mini game in it. Sad to see no sequel :(
    Another great game that not many people know about was No-one Lives Forever – but at least they made a sequel to that. Some of the funniest character conversations you can listen in on!

  13. anky

    . .bang bang ! I jst luv dis thrilling. .game. . . .though its old bt i stil play it smday. . Plez make upto tod part 10. .plez. . Eidos u rock. .!

  14. daman

    total overdose was the coolest game ever i was especting the second part(really badly) i really play it now also (sometimes)

  15. Rick

    You know what? We should make a fundraiser or something like that to gather enough funds for some video game studio to catch the attention and finally work on the game! That’s how some modern games are made and actually accomplished, thanks to fundraisers and stuff (sorry I forgot the name of it lol).

  16. shoeb

    The best game I have played in my life tod I played 5 years ago and today still I play it . Sadly tod2 was cancel reason gta market value was dropping so gta games bought tod . Pls make tod 2 can’t wait for tod 2

  17. OMG

    WHY TOTAL OVERDOSE 2 was canceled? I love total overdose 1 i still play today but i like to continue the action.

    1. Sam Jones

      Because ” The company has previously been reported to have been struggling to find new projects and publishers for their games.” ;)

  18. saurav singh

    total overdose is awesome game ever i play if you launched the second part of this game i’m very thanks full of so plz try to launch

  19. CRUZ

    If total overdose 2 is launched . Then it would be the first game that will buy on first day of its release. REALLY LOVE TOTAL OVERDOSE. I play the legendary game even today ( NEVER PLAYED A PC GAME BETTER THAN TOTAL OVERDOSE .EVER . EVEN TILL TODAY.) Really love to have TOTAL OVERDOSE 2 . One more thing PC GAME IS MY LOVE.

  20. SnapFr

    J’avais joué à l’époque sur pc et franchement le jeu , ce jeu à percé mon enfance, je le finissais à répétition , j’adorais ça. Les années passées, Je suis attristé qu’une suite n’a jamais vu le jour, je regrette tellement même si je n’ai pas encore jouer à Chili con carnage. Si personne ne veut prendre le risque de finir la suite, un jour ou l’autre, un passionné terminera l’histoire de Tequila Sunrise, même si ça prendra du temps, j’y crois l’espoir fait vivre !

  21. Abhinav Kumar

    total overdose is the best game i ever played i can say that you can name the next game as the legend of Tommy

  22. Surya

    The best action game i have ever played and i still play that game even after 13 years of it’s release… Please complete the sequel TOD 2..

  23. Said

    Je jure que ce jeux m’a vraiment changer le cerveau je n’arrivais même pas à dormir jusqu’à ce que je finisse la dernière mission et maintenant je me demande pourquoi je fini assez vite je suis entrain de galérer car je jamais joué un jeux comme celui la Total overdose j’aimerais savoir si y a la suite car je ne vois pas un autre jeux qui peut la remplacer… pour le moment alors si quelqu’un a eu la suite qu’il me faire savoir s’il vous plaît..’????????????????????????????ce jeux la à vraiment de la puissance

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