Killing Pablo Escobar [X360 PS3 – Prototype]

Killing Pablo Escobar [X360 PS3 – Prototype]

Pablo Escobar was a real Colombian drug lord that gained world infamy from the drug trade:  two major feature films on his life, Escobar and Killing Pablo, were announced in 2007 and in the same year Deadline Games started to work on a prototype to create a licence game based on the films, with the title “Killing Pablo Escobar”. The project was planned to be released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Killing Pablo Escobar was going to follow the true story of how Pablo Escobar was killed and his Medellín cocaine cartel dismantled by US special forces and intelligence, the Colombian military, and a vigilante gang called Los Pepes, controlled by the Cali cartel.

The gameplay could have been similar to other Deadline Games’ titles as Total Overdose (an open world / sandbox action game) but with a more realistic feel and team squad cooperation. After some time and a playable prototype, Killing Pablo Escobar’s development had to be halted because of lack of resources.

On May 2009, Deadline Games filed for bankruptcy, only a few months after releasing Watchmen: The End Is Nigh. The company has previously been reported to have been struggling to find new projects and publishers for their games. Shadow Hunter, Faith and a .45, Killing Pablo Escobar and Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise vanished with the closure of the studio.

Thanks a lot to Jan Ditlev for the help in preserving his artworks created for this project! Some more images are from Carsten Brandt‘s website. All illustrations are copyrighted Deadline Games.


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One thought on “Killing Pablo Escobar [X360 PS3 – Prototype]

  1. Sam Jones

    Before Deadline Games started work on Faith and a .45, the Denmark developer was working on a video game based on “Killing Pablo.” Written by “Black Hawk Down” author Mark Bowen, this book chronicles the history of Columbian druglord Pablo Escobar.

    Killing Pablo Escobar was in development during 2007. Deadline Games based their game off the book and investigations from the police and DEA. Players took on the role of colonel Martienz who was given the mission to take Escobar down. According to the concept lead, Killing Pablo Escobar was supposed to feel like a news documentary shot with a handheld camera. That explains the blueish overlay in some of the concept art.

    Deadline Games created a vertical slice demo, but cancelled the project due to a lack of resources. Killing Pablo Escobar was in development for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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