Shadow Hunter [X360 PS3 – Concept]

Shadow Hunter [X360 PS3 – Concept]

Shadow Hunter was a pitch project created by Deadline Games in 2009, probably planned to be developed for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. We dont have much details on its gameplay, but from the look of the concept arts, we can speculate that it was going to be a sandbox action game, in which the player had to hunt down huge shadow demons in a post-apocalyptic city, using psychic powers and an energy sword + shield. From the sound of it, Shadow Hunter could have been played somehow like a mix of Shadow of the Colossus and Prototype.

Sadly On May 2009, Deadline Games filed for bankruptcy and had to close down, only a few months after releasing Watchmen: The End Is Nigh. The company has previously been reported to have been struggling to find new projects and publishers for their games. Shadow Hunter, Faith and a .45,  Killing Pablo Escobar and Total Overdose 2: Tequila Gunrise vanished with the closure of the studio.

Thanks a lot to Jonas Springborg and Jan Ditlev for the help in preserving their artworks created for this project! All illustrations are copyrighted Deadline Games.


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