Ninja Gaiden [Mega Drive / Genesis – Beta / Cancelled]

Ninja Gaiden [Mega Drive / Genesis – Beta / Cancelled]


This is Ninja Gaiden for the Genesis. It is (in theory) a conversion of the 1988 coin-op, but basically the only thing that it is similar to the original is the HUD, because everything else was completely reworked. It was never released (even if some websites claims the opposite) in any region, and since it is available online and we can play it, it is not hard to understand why. Apart from being still bug-filled, it is one of the worst beat’em up on the console, featuring a really bad graphic engine even for the time (1992), a moveset pratically inexistent and some of the most less creative enemies ever.


Gamefan - October 1992


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4 thoughts on “Ninja Gaiden [Mega Drive / Genesis – Beta / Cancelled]

  1. MathUser

    Why is this being treated like a new release? I’m pretty sure this has been online for quite a while now. I remember making cheat codes for it.

  2. monokoma

    it’s just because this was still not added in the U64 Archive.. and because Yota is italian like me and we have some difficulties in explain things in english ;) Which part sound strange? I can fix it!

  3. MathUser

    well the “and now that is leaked online” sounds like it was just now leaked. I’d say something more like: “and since it is available online”.

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