Video from Final Fantasy 7 beta 1.9?

Video from Final Fantasy 7 beta 1.9?

Silver Duran has made us notice a video that we can see in the YouTube channel of TheLittleCuteThing, about a beta demo disc of Final Fantasy 7. In the video’s description we can read a list of differences, like:

  • 0:20 – There is text on the CGI intro
  • 1:42 – The Final Fantasy logo says 1996 instead of 1997
  • 2:34 – Instead of finding a poton, You find nothing on the guards and can walk through them.
  • 2:42 – The guards that ambush you are for some reason wearing black outfits instead of red
  • 4:45 – You dont talk to jess or anyone to open the doors, You go straight to them.
  • 12:00 – The summon intro was slightly different..And you dont get summons this early in the final. AND the boss is no longer a red scorpion.
  • 12:55 – You have 3 minutes to escape the reactor instead of the massive 12 that you normally have.

Props to TheLittleCuteThing for these finds!

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5 thoughts on “Video from Final Fantasy 7 beta 1.9?

  1. Robert Seddon

    That’s the first demo, the one bundled with Tobal No. 1.

    (I noted some demo/final differences here that the video description left out, but the spam filter didn’t like them: too many links? Wouldn’t it be better to hold flagged comments for checking than to tell me to try again?)

  2. monokoma Post author

    In theory the U64 spam filter should just held a comment for moderation if it has too many links.. but i’m sure that it does not always work as it should ;P I’ll try to see if there’s some wrong option in there

    Thanks for that link Robert :)

  3. Jesse

    It might be what was packaged with Tobal No. 1, but I also have a copy of this demo and it was the “Siggraph Sample” disc from 1996 that contains an early sample of FF7 packaged with the CGI demo of Final Fantasy 6 (which is interesting to have a physical copy of). The differences you’ve pointed out here are the main one’s I’ve noticed (since I can’t really read Japanese, but I can’t imagine the conversations are all that different, or really that important to be honest), but I think the FF6 GCI was the more exciting part of the Siggraph disc.

  4. monokoma Post author

    “Siggraph Sample” disc from 1996? Wow, that’s really a nice item to have :) Did you go at the Siggraph 96 Jesse? I wonder if more demos were given away in that show

  5. Terra

    I don’t know if I should post this here,but I have screenshots of FF7 from when it was being developed for the n64. They’re not great pics,but I can email/post them if anyone wants them.

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