For the Frog the Bell Tolls Remake [GBC – Cancelled]

For the Frog the Bell Tolls Remake [GBC – Cancelled]

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (For the Frog the Bell Tolls) was an Adventure / Action RPG developed by  Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, released  (only in Japan) in 1992 for the original Gameboy. In 2002 a Game boy Color remake was announced by Nintendo, but it was soon cancelled, probably because of the release of the new Gameboy Advanced, that killed the final batch of GBC games. Thanks to Robert Seddon that has found some screens from this vanished GBC remake on GamesTM magazine #54, we can finally see the game in all its (cancelled) glory.

Update: It seems that these screens were just mockups made by fans of the original game and not from the remake. A GBC remake was really announced, but at this time there are still not any “official” screens from the project.

Thanks to Ita for the direct-feed screens and the informations!


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7 thoughts on “For the Frog the Bell Tolls Remake [GBC – Cancelled]

  1. MCM

    Very interesting. I have a copy of the Game Boy game and have pursued it in a number of ways, but I didn’t realize there was a canceled DX version.

  2. monokoma Post author

    Direct-feed screens? That’s wonderful =) Thanks a lot Ita! I’m gonna add them in the archive ASAP! How did you find that page?

  3. ita

    This page exists for about six years.
    Therefore, this page is considerably known in the forum of “Kaeru no Tameni Kane ha Naru” of
    I also found it there.
    And, this article on Unseen64 was found the other day and it wrote it here.

    Neither the article nor images of the remake version are all official
    as written on the page that became this origin though it writes again
    because the word was a little insufficient in writing above.
    It is a fake that the fan made.
    Therefore, I think that you should describe it clearly.

  4. PPLToast

    I know I’m years late on this but I just want to set the record straight for anyone else stumbling upon this page.

    While it’s mentioned here that the screenshots are “mockups” and that the announcement itself is legit., this isn’t the actually the case. The writer of that site mentions in the footer how it’s all a hoax in red colored text.

    The name of the page itself is also デマ通 (Dematsu). A play on Famitsu where Dema is shorthand for fake newsデマ

    The guy also wrote two other hoax announcements.

    There is this one claiming a GBA remake of Famicom Detective Club

    And another claiming a “SaGa Collection” is coming for the GBA.

    Of course neither one of these are true.

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