Genjuu Souseiki [NES - Cancelled]

February 1, 2013 by
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Genjuu Souseiki (aka Mythical Beast Genesis or Genesis Phantom Beast) is a cancelled RPG that was in development in 1990 by Nihon Bussan / Nichibutsu for the Famicom / NES. It seems that players would have took the role of a god, fighting with other gods to conquer more areas of the world, using the power of monsters that were able to evolve like in Pokemon. Only few screens and some info can be found in a japanese website.

Thanks to Celine for the contribution!


One thought on “Genjuu Souseiki [NES - Cancelled]

  1. John Doom

    It’s like a Black&White+Pokèmon+Populus? xd
    I wonder if that “35 35″ drawn on the ground in the last screenshot has a real meaning or is just an inside joke!

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