Laguna Cool [PSX - Not Cancelled]

January 10, 2010 by
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Update: thanks to Susumu and Matt we found out that this obscure RPG was really published in Japan with the name “Lagnacure” by a company called Artdink. You can find more screens of the released version at Snesorama!

Laguna Cool is a cancelled (?) RPG that was in development by Sony Music Entertainment in 1996/1997 for the original Playstation. The game was available at the Tokyo Game Show 1997 but we dont know if there was any playable demo or it was just a video. A single screenshot of this RPG was found by Celine in PSM magazine #3. There are pratically no info on the project, at least with the Laguna Cool title: could this game have been released with another name in Japan? If you recognize this screen, please let us know!

Thanks to Celine for the scan!



6 thoughts on “Laguna Cool [PSX - Not Cancelled]

  1. Susumu

    This game was released in Japan as Laguna Cool (ラグナキュール) on October 2, 1997, and was published by a company called Ardink. (Here is a link to the Amazon Japan listing for it, with cover art:
    It also had a sequel called Laguna Cool Legend (ラグナキュールレジェンド) that was released about 3 years later.
    I have never played this game, so I can not give any information regarding changes with that one image.

  2. Susumu

    Sorry to double comment, I forgot to put a space between the link and the second parenthesis, messing up the URL. Click my name for the correct one. As well, I misspelled Artdink. Careless mistakes. :/

  3. Celine

    Ah so the western name was “Lagnacure”.
    Thank you Susumu and Matt.
    There are few scans that I can’t recognize if they were released or not :-(

  4. monokoma Post author

    Indeed, the character from that “Laguna Cool” scan looks the same as the one in the “Lagnacure” screens. The mistery is resolved! Thanks a lot Susumu and Matt :) I’m going to update the page

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