Survival Horror

D2 [M2 – Cancelled ]


D2 had originally started life as a game project for the never-released Panasonic M2 console. Originally, a pregnant Laura was to have died in the opening credits (during a terrorist attack on a plane), but her unborn child would be “warped” back in time. The player would have taken the role of Laura’s son – now a teenager – trapped in a large, European castle, from which he had to escape while being assaulted by supernatural phenomena. The game was practically finished when Panasonic officially announced that the M2 was not going to be released, leaving WARP with no way to sell the title. When given the chance to put out D2 for other systems, Kenji Eno decided to abandon the entire original project and start over from scratch with a new setting. – [Info from Wikipedia]

A video with the intro from the original M2 version was leaked online, showing a castle in transylvania, and a man that is apparently “Vlad Tepes” alias Dracula. You can see a forest of corpses impaled on spikes, and that’s what Vlad Tepes was known for doing to his victims. Apparently Vlad’s tormented with something, maybe the death of his wife (there a scene of a woman lying inside a coffin, it may be her), when suddently he close it and then going mad. After that we can see him reading books, doing a ritual, be consumed by flammes, then a blue light appears and a mask: he speaks to the mask, request a wish maybe, and after that the scene changes to 1998 in Sanfrancisco.

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Thanks to Games That Weren’t for have shared videos from the D2 alpha/tech demo!

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Resident Evil [GameBoy – Cancelled]


Resident evil is a survival horror created by Capcom and released for Playstation and Saturn in 1996. A porting of the game for Gameboy Color, developed by Hotgen, was supposed to be released within 1999 in a 4mb cartridge, but eventually Capcom decided to shelve it even if it was almost completed. A preview at mentioned the presence of new enemies and a quick-save feature.

In February 2012, thanks to a fundrising organized by Assembler forum, two different beta builds of Resident Evil GBC were released to the community. Every room, almost all the items and the cutscenes from the Psx version are present in this porting, but, apart from the zombies, every other enemy is either absent or still not animated. We can only use the handgun, the knife and the shotgun. By changing your location with the emulator it’s possible to get to the eliport, but there is neither a final boss or an ending sequence. In the second build we can play only with Chris and inventory chests don’t work anymore , but this beta seems to be more polished overall.

Interestingly, the build documented in the ign preview seems to be yet another pre-release version of RE GBC, showing brown zombies and a few little changes in the backgrounds.

In the official topic at Assembler Forum you can find more info about this great release!




Possession [X360/PS3 – Cancelled?]

While not officially cancelled, the game has received no updates for a year. In response to several questions about Possession, Blitz/Volatile has sent out the same message to any person who requested the status of the game.

“Hi there, Thanks for your interest in Possession. Unfortunately we still haven’t managed to secure a publisher to take on the project. We haven’t given up on Possession completely, we want to see it made as much as you do. We are pursuing other games at the moment though. Best regards, PR Dept, Volatile Games”

The nature of the email and its content, especially the “pursuing other games” comment seem to suggest that the game will not be completed. It is still noted though that no Publisher yet is found and that they didn’t give up Possession completely indicating that the game is not yet cancelled and it has a chance that once a Publisher takes the project, the game would be continued to be completed. – [info from Wikipedia]




Dead Rising [XBOX 360 – Beta]

Dead Rising is an action adventure / survival horror developed by Capcom and released in 2006 for the Xbox 360. As we can read on Wikipedia, Keiji Inafune, designer of Mega Man and Dead Rising, wanted the main character Frank West to be different from the usual Japanese main character. Instead of having a young and beautiful protagonist, he wanted an everyman that looked average rather than beautiful or ugly. Before chosing Frank’s final design, they created different models (especially for the face) that can be seen in the beta screenshots below.

Also, as noted by DCodes7, in the beta Isabella is holding a sniper rifle, but she never holds that weapon in the final game. Isabella’s brother Carlito is the only one who uses the sniper rifle.

In another old screen we see Frank reuniting an old couple in the middle of a zombie apocalypse after being separated. One think to note is that Frank reunites the old couple on the roof of the mall in the final, not at the entrance of the mall as shown in this image.

The camera HUD is different. In one of the images it shows the battery life of the camera exceeds 30 (thirty), in the final version of Dead Rising the cameras battery life is 30+ (thirty). Meaning that the battery life of the camera cannot exceed thirty, but the image shows that the camera battery life exceeded past 30 (thirty) in the beta. There are other small details of the HUD’s camera that are different from the final.

Thanks to DCodes7 for the contribution!