Survival Horror

Silent Hill [Beta – Playstation]

Silent Hill is a survival horror developed and published by Konami in 1999 for original the Playstation. The game was changed a bit from the beta to the final version, for example the “Grey Child” monster went through four design changes before it was finally approved by censors. Originally a faceless, humanoid monster which resembled a nude child, it was deemed too graphic for audiences (particularly in a game which forces the player to kill them). In the PAL release of the game, the Grey Children do not appear at all, instead being replaced by Claw Fingers. [Info from wikipedia]

Some more beta differences can be noticed in the Japanese Trial demo too. Also, a series of beta / unfinished rooms can be “accessed” using a cheat to pass through walls in the final game.

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Dead Unity [PSX – Cancelled]

Dead Unity is a cancelled Survival Horror that was in development by Aramat Productions and would have been published by THQ for the original Playstation. The game would have probably played like Resident Evil, but in a Sci-Fi scenario, with robots and other mechanical enemies. Sadly Dead Unity was never finished for unknown reasons. If you worked on this project and have some more info about its development, please let us know!

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Wet Corpse [Saturn – Cancelled]

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Agartha [Dreamcast – Cancelled]


Agartha is a cancelled horror adventure that was planned by the French software house No Cliche (author of titles like Toy Commander) for the Sega Dreamcast. Development began in 2000 and the game promised to have an interesting plot and gameplay:

During the winter of 1929 in a Romanian village that was partially destroyed by a landslide that occurred during a mysterious earthquake, a subterranean city exists called Agartha. This is where evil is being kept prisoner and is desperate to escape. Kirk the human hero will encounter a series of characters from villages, the living dead, fanatics from an evil sect, monsters, demons, solider monks, priests, archangels and the Sentinel who is the ultimate personification of evil. As Kirk you can decide to save as many innocent people as possible or to trigger the arrival of chaos on earth. As Kirk’s morals waver between good and evil, this ambiguity changes the aims of the adventure and the narration of the story.

Agartha’s gameplay was probably going to be similar to Alone in the Dark, D2 and Silent Hill, players had to explore the snowed mountains and villages, resolving puzzles and fighting against monsters / demons that lived in there. The game progress was influenced by the players’ choices, which could have decided whether to help innocent people and seal the evil town, or let them to die and help demons to destroy our planet. An online mode of some sort could have been planned too.

No Cliche’s horror adventure could have been an awesome addition to the Dreamcast’s library, however in 2001, Sega went out of the console business. Sadly No Cliche had to cancel Agartha, close down and laid off most of its staff.

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Resident Evil: Code Veronica [Beta]


Code: Veronica was one of the first third-party games announced for the Sega Dreamcast by the end of 1998. The game was originally scheduled for a late 1999 release following the Dreamcast launch, but was delayed and eventually released at the beginning of 2000.

While Production Studio 4 was in charge of the game’s artistic direction, the actual development of the game was handled by Nextech Corporation (a subsidiary of Sega at the time), the same company that ported the original Resident Evil to the Sega Saturn. Although, the game was originally marketed as a Dreamcast exclusive during its initial release, the game was ported to the PlayStation 2 and GameCube later, in the form of the updated version Code: Veronica X. [Infos from Wikipedia]

While the game was in development, Capcom released various screenshots from early versions of the project, in which we can see some differences in Claire’s clothes (changed 2 times before the final ones), enemies (a different looking spider, monsters placed in different areas), camera angles (different fixed visuals) and backgrounds (different items and details).