Resident Evil 1.5 [PSX – Cancelled]

Resident Evil 1.5 [PSX – Cancelled]


Resident Evil 2 began development in 1996 shortly after the original game and was originally scheduled for a March 1997 release. However, as the game was approaching its release date, the developers were unsastified with the resulting product. Rather than releasing a game they were unhappy with, the developers took the risk of developing the game from scratch. This scrapped version of the game was later dubbed Resident Evil 1.5. by the internal staff of Capcom.

This prototype version of the game starred Leon S. Kennedy from the finished game and Elza Walker, a prototype of Claire Redfield. Like Claire Redfield, Elza was a motorcyclist and college student, with the only difference being her appearance and the fact Elza had no ties to any established character from the previous games. Other supporting characters from the released game also appeared in Resident Evil 1.5. For example, Marving Branagh, a minor character who gets killed off early in the finished game played a major role in the prototype, helping Leon and Ada escape. The settings of the game were also significantly changed, with the police station in the original prototype having a more contemporary design. – [info from Wikipedia]

In early 2013 the beta / prototype version of Resident Evil 1.5 was finally leaked online, and many gamers are now able to check a part of what the game was meant to be. You can find the RE 1.5 proto / beta to download around the web, with a simple Google Search.

For more infos: Resident Evil 2: Beta Backgrounds Comparison

Also you can check: (sadly, only in german but nice pics)



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28 thoughts on “Resident Evil 1.5 [PSX – Cancelled]

  1. FLASEf;lebngil

    Actually, they did release a few copies in Japan of this. I think it came with a special edition of Resident Evil. Probably not even 50 copies made. Too bad no one’s been kind enough to make an ISO for us to try.

  2. skavenger216

    trust me, if there was 50 copies of this out there it would have been dumped.

    There was a disc called the “Biohazard Complete” or something like that that had videos of RE1.5.

  3. Claudio

    I have the Biohazard director’s cut dual shock japanese game,and it has the biohazard complete disc,with a few videos of that cancelled game.I’d love that they release that game as an extra for a Resident evil special edition or something someday…

  4. Xelba

    According to the person who did a back up review on the prototype, there was a unique feature in the game in which the character’s uniforms are stained with blood after coming in contact with zombies.

    There are images showing this feature with both characters:

    Whether this is true or not still makes it an an interesting and cool concept. In a way this reminds me of Doom 2. The more damage the player took by enemies, the more bloodier the character looked. Its a shame that Resident Evil 1.5 was the only title to have had this feature :(

  5. BulkSlash

    The outfit damage did somewhat make it into the final game, at one point Leon gets attacked and his RPD outfit gets ripped and bloodied. He is then patched up with bandages by Claire (I think it was her, it’s been ages since I played it so I can’t remember).

    I remember reading about the real-time outfit damage in previews and I wondered where it had gone when I finally got the game. Clearly what we did get was a cut-down version of the original idea. Maybe it was confusing to the player to take a herb to heal themselves and yet still see a damaged and bloody outfit?

  6. Xelba

    You’re right about the outfit damage Leon is shown to have in the final. Though Leon didn’t get that wound from an enemy. He was shot by Annette after he pushed Ada out of the way to take the bullet. ^_^ Just to correct you on that.

  7. cam

    Theres only 2 copies in existance. Playstation Museum bought one from capcom for about $5000 in 2009, but is so greedy they wont leak it. Then capcom has there copy as well. Suprised someone at capcom has not tried to leak it. I KNOW capcom has a copy at LEAST backed up on a development server or something.

  8. Al Krimsson

    The version that we probably never get. Strange however, i read in some magazine that playable demo of 1.5 was in addition to Bio Hazard Dual Shock version only in Japan. But the US version had the usual RE2 demo. I never found this on Internet

  9. DeadPixel99

    Just to let everyone know a Resident Evil 1.5 beta was just released yesterday , i have already spend about 16 hours in it , it’s very buggy and unfinished ( as to be expected ) is earlier then the 40% complete version, it’s better then nothing! Hopefully *** ( wont say who he is) will upload his 80% complete version now.

  10. cameron

    The released version is the 20% build. MrBzork said so.
    The 80% build will be released later on along with the version they are hacking to complete.

    So yea, we finally got Resident Evil 1.5 after so many years. Thank god!

    Now those copies those freaks at Assembler games forums are worthless. IN YOUR FACES!

  11. DeadPixel99

    ^ They don’t have the 80% build so they really can’t say that. And that’s why i said its EARLIER then the 40% build, and “all them people on Assemblers” there aren’t many at all just a few build are known to exists , im happy just to have anything at all and this hacked up bastard version that they released just so that back stabbing pos couldn’t sell it doesn’t diminish the value of any of the other vanilla builds out there.

  12. cameron

    The thing is Deadpixel99, that team already said the un edited version will be dumped onto the internet once they release there modded final copy.

    It was said in the comments on his Halloween teaser. So once that 80% build that is unmodded releases, ANY copy of this on disk will be rendered worthless as anyone can burn a copy or dl it.
    So karma sucks for the people who do indeed own it, but refused to release it due to greed, as they wanted to wait to sell it one day. Now, its worthless to them once this happens. Oh wells.

  13. DeadPixel99

    Again THEY DO NOT HAVE THE 80% build are you being willfully dumb?

    Yes they did say they MIGHT release there vanilla copy ” once there modded version is done ” IF they ever get done, it could and probably will still take as long as few years.

    It doesn’t suck for ANYONE especially the people who own it THEY WILL STILL OWN IT and since it will be a completely different build from the one that’s released it still has enormous value.

  14. cameron

    Whatever, i dont have time for your petty arguments. Im just going by what MrBZOrk said on his halloween teaser comments. He said himself he has the 80% build but are working on the more stable 40%. Not sure how possible, but it is. Now go bash people somewhere else.

    Your the one who is Willfully dumb for not looking at his comments. He said so himself. Look for it. It was in reply to a comment by Rafael Plácido.

    Now, since your like 14 years old as you were born in 99, ill go easy on you, ive studied this build and game since Bioflames launched long ago, now dont ever tell me what i know or dont. Cause i can burn you far back up where you came from troll.

  15. Anonymous

    The capcomartconcept05.jpg image isn’t Resident Evil 1.5, it says at the bottom it is art for (in Japanese) Gun Survivor.

  16. Jonna

    The build that was released is not the official Capcom beta, it was hacked and modded with custom “unofficial” data and rooms, missing data. hopefully we get the original 1.5 some day. but please edit the article and add this fact because I can’t stand these inconsistencies plox, tanks lads !

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