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Super Smash Bros Melee [GC – Beta / Unused Stuff]

Through an Action Replay, a large, gray stage with the background appearing to be some kind of pub, is accessible. The music is the same as used on Fox and Falco’s stage Corneria. This is assumed to be a test stage because of its name, which on the debug menu is TEST. There are also four stages, named AKANEIA (a possible predecessor to Castle Siege from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a homeworld for Fire Emblem), 10-2, IceTop (a possible precursor to the Summit stage from the sequel, which belongs to the Ice Climbers), and Dummy, a test stage that freezes the game when opened. In addition to this, the entire Debug Menu, which was used in pre-release testing, can be used when the game is hacked, allowing for complete editing of anything in the game. Giga Bowser, both male and female Fighting Wire Frames, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, and even Sandbag are all playable (to a limited extent) via the Debug Menu. [Info from Mariowiki]

Some level analyzes was been made, such as:

  • DUMMY stage can be used, for the Victory Screen, an platform at the middle of nowhere for the players, at the victory screen, can be placed correctly;
  • TEST stage, of course, an stage for testing stuff, using Develop utility, at Debug Menu main. Can be placed any enemies (well, much of them), test graphics (like any stage on Develop mode) and more. Rumors say that looks Corneria Level, that’s because have the Music;
  • AKANEIA stage, an Fire Emblem stage what was to be made, only the code rested at the disc, that’s because no one could find any hack for playing it;
  • ICETOP stage, an end of Ice Mountain, the TOP of Ice Mountain? They say it, it’s possible to be entered by hacks;
  • TSEAK target smash stage, “T” for targed, “SEAK” is Sheik, Nintendo may was planing to do an target test for Sheik (may change it on the menu or something, just like Brawl), it could be so glitched when changing to Zelda, what they rejected, just one platform with 3 targets;
  • 10-2 adventure stage, just after 10-1 ICEMT, so, it’s the Icetop stage for Adventure.

In some of the old screens, we can see some differences: in the Super Mario Field there is a warp pipe (the one next to donkey kong) which isn’t in the final game. Peach is on a platform that isn’t in the game either (at the Special Video, Nintendo did it with that platform, maybe they made at the VERY END of the game, they removed the platform when releasing and was keep at the Video, EVEN at the manual [At the Camera-Fixed Mode Page]), the fire emblem in the background where mario, kirby, and pikachu are fighting, are different than the final.

In a beta video, we can see that originally it was possible to go inside the laboratory in the Great Bay level.

As we can read from an article on N-Philes, through Melee’s Debug menu, it is possible to have a match with six characters instead of four, somethings about melee, if someone don’t know, it contains an Multiman-Melee, what they have 6 characters at the screen, maybe the config is for this mode, but been used at Melee Mode. Also Ditto was in the game as a Pokeball Pokemon but was pulled for whatever reason. There is some information about Ditto was removed: “At some sites (such as SmashWiki), tells the Ditto was causing much trouble for making it, he special power was to “steal” the move of the other players, but what about on a round of 4 players? Nintendo retired the idea, and stayed at disc, it’s possible to go into Debug Menu, but it only will hit a 12% at the character”

Some other enemies was “unused”, we can say, but they have a difference at the name: They are may beta design of the enemies stayed at the game, but only the code, cause it’s unable to be accessed, take a look at the list:

  • Old-Kuri, Kuri is the Kuriboh (Goomba);
  • Old-Lead, Lead is the Leaded (Re-dead);
  • Old-Octa, Octa is the Octarock (Octarock);
  • Old-Otto, Otto is the Ottosei (Enemy from IceClimbers).

Those maybe was testing who what “fits” better at the game, like the old texture or the used.

One thing found at the “Test things” on Debug Menu, was an pre-loader loading screen for all-star, showing the next battle, maybe not used cause 3 character or more, could not be appeared at the loading screen

Update: Gabrielwoj found some unused all-star intros into the Debug Menu.
They probably got unused cause All-Star uses a system for multiples teams for all-star…
Probably the all-star was only Player Vs. Player (without any teams)…
See the video below!
Update 2: Gabrielwoj recently found that in the Debug Menu is possible to unlock 2 special trophies…
Those trophies only appear on the Japanese Version of the game, but it still on the USA/PAL version of the game, and still translated, see video below!
Update 3: Just after unlocking those, and reboot the game, there is some special messages (translated too)!
See video below!

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Super Smash Bros [Beta – N64]


Super Smash Bros. was developed by HAL Laboratory, a Nintendo second-party developer, during 1998. It began life as a prototype created by Masahiro Sakurai and Satoru Iwata in their spare time titled Kakuto-Gēmu Ryūō or Kakuto-Geemu Ryuoh (格闘ゲーム竜王 ?, lit. “Dragon King: The Fighting Game”), and originally featured no Nintendo characters. However, Sakurai hit on the idea of including fighters from different Nintendo franchises in order to provide “atmosphere” which he felt was necessary for a home console fighting game, and his idea was approved. The game had a small budget and little promotion, and was originally a Japan-only release, but its huge success saw the game released worldwide. [Info from Wikipedia]

Below you can read the “Iwaka Ask” chat about Smash Bros:

Iwata: Because we don’t often have the opportunity to sit down and talk about Smash Bros., I’d like to use the last part of this interview to turn back the clock and talk about the start of this series, beginning in 1999 with the Nintendo 64 title Super Smash Bros. You and I were responsible for developing this prototype.

Sakurai: Right. We called it “Kakuto-Geemu Ryuoh” (Dragon King: The Fighting Game)

Iwata: At that point in time, we weren’t utilizing any Nintendo characters, and while you handled the planning, specs, design, modeling and movement, I worked on programming all by myself. In some respects, it was the ultimate handcrafted project.

Sakurai: Right. I mean, we didn’t know at the time that we would be able to use Nintendo characters.

Iwata: In retrospect, the main reason I undertook the project was to build a 4-player game that utilized the N64’s unique 3D joystick. What were your reasons?

Sakurai: Well, I wanted to offer an alternative to the two-dimensional fighting games that were crowding out the market. I also wanted to see if it was possible to make an interesting 4-player game that offered a new experience every time you play. Simply put, I was aiming to design a 4-player battle royal.

Iwata: I seem to remember “4-player Battle Royal” being written on the cover of the project planning document.

Sakurai: Right. I hadn’t given it a title yet.

Iwata: We hadn’t even come up with the codename Ryuoh yet. I think we ended up using Ryuoh because we happened to use scenery from the Ryuoh-cho neighborhood, the location of HAL Laboratory in Yamanashi Prefecture, as the background for the game.

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[Source: Iwata Ask]

Rumors say that in the beta concept of Super Smash Bros. 64, Pit, Bowser, Peach, Mewtwo, Meowth and King Dedede were going to be playable characters, but was taken out due to limits in the hardware. It should be noted though that Meowth and King Dedede appeared in the game as a Poke Ball Pokemon and as a background character, respectivly.

Two beta Kirby stages are only playable with a GameShark. The stages have strange elements, such as invisible barriers. A working Dream Land stage can be viewed in the “How to Play” tutorial, which itself can be seen by waiting on the title screen. Also, in the character select, the question mark boxes were supposed to be colored and Saffron City also had pink with purple on the rooftops, the smash ball were supposed to be introduce in this game. [Info from Mariowiki]

Beta Images:

Screen 1: There is no sign or bridge or sliding stone block
Screen 2: a pink floor that was later changed
Screen 3: Just some beta textures shown on Hyrule Castle

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