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Star Wars Battlefront IV (4) [X360/PS3 – Concept]

When LucasArts terminated their contract with Free Radical Design (nowadays known as Crytek UK), the studio was not only working on Star Wars Battlefront III and Time Splitters 4. Instead, the company started the pre-production of another Star Wars Battlefront game.

As the status of Star Wars Battlefront III (Free Radical version) is currently unknown, we do not expect any news about a fourth SW Battlefront game in the near future.

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Euphoria Engine Tech Demo

What is Euphoria?

Euphoria is a game animation engine created by NaturalMotion based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis, Natural Motion’s proprietary technology for animating 3D characters on-the-fly “based on a full simulation of the 3D character, including body, muscles and motor nervous system”. Instead of using predefined animations, the characters’ actions and reactions are synthesized in real-time; they are different every time, even when replaying the same scene. While traditional physics engines uses ragdolls (like the Havok Physics Engine) for animations generated on the fly, Euphoria employs a more complex method to animate the entirety of physically-bound objects within the game environment. According to its web site, Euphoria runs on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC hardware platforms.

In February 2007, NaturalMotion and Rockstar Games announced that Euphoria would be used in future Rockstar titles. A press release that was enclosed with the second trailer eventually confirmed that Grand Theft Auto IV is the first of Rockstar‘s games to feature Euphoria. In April 2006, LucasArts announced that their next Indiana Jones game would use Euphoria.The current Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 title Star Wars: The Force Unleashed also uses Euphoria.

In August 2007, NaturalMotion announced Backbreaker, an American Football game for next-generation consoles that employs Euphoria to generate tackles in real-time, as opposed to playback animation. [Infos from Wikipedia]

Engine Tech Demo:

GTA IV Tech Demo:

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Tech Demo:


Star Wars Battlefront 3 [Cancelled Free Radical Version / Proto – Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC]

In 2006, LucasArts announced an agreement with UK-based and now shut down developer Free Radical Design. Although no further announcements were made about the game, it was well known that FRD was working on Star Wars Battlefront 3 for next-generation platforms.

Several issues including delays and “communication problems” made LucasArts cancel the project and leave Free Radical Design without funding. As a result, the studio had to close in December 2008 as publishers showed no interest in either buying or investing into FRD.

While Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be finished at Rebellion Studios, the other FRD game (TimeSplitters 4) will probably not appear in the near future.

In April 2012, more screens and videos from an alpha version of Star Wars Battlefront 3 Free Radical version were shared online by Past to Present Online

Also as we can read from PC Gamer:

Betagames have found remnants of a Battlefront project in the form of images stashed away on the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disk. That seems like an odd place to leave some spare files, but Raccoon City developers, Slant Six were rumoured to have been working on the third game in the Battlefront series for a while. The files include a variety of pro-quality loading screens and some odd bits of texture work, including a hideous image of Luke Skywalker’s face stretched out on a 2D plane. Eeeugh.




Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic [XBOX – Beta]

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