Star Wars Battlefront IV (4) [X360/PS3 – Concept]

Star Wars Battlefront IV (4) [X360/PS3 – Concept]

When LucasArts terminated their contract with Free Radical Design (nowadays known as Crytek UK), the studio was not only working on Star Wars Battlefront III and Time Splitters 4. Instead, the company started the pre-production of another Star Wars Battlefront game.

As the status of Star Wars Battlefront III (Free Radical version) is currently unknown, we do not expect any news about a fourth SW Battlefront game in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront IV (4) [X360/PS3 – Concept]

  1. Jon

    The status of Battlefront III isn’t unknown, it was cancelled a year ago. Ironically one of the things that contributed to the cancellation was Battlefront IV. Once Free Radical had the contract they took their eye off the prize so to speak and lost focus on BF3, resulting in missed milestone, poor work, and eventually its cancellation.

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