It’s summer time: see you in september!

It’s summer time: see you in september!


Is it too hot to work? Does the summer call you to the beach or to the mountains for a lengthy retreat? Well, the Unseen 64 Staff is going in vacation, too! From today (8th of August) this site will be in “Summer Break Mode 2009”, we are going to relax somewhere around the world and dream about beta games while we are swimming in the ocean or walking in the woods. Don’t worry! We’ll be back in September with all the updates and news from the unseen gaming world. In the meantime, there are still lots of things to do while we are away:

– Look and read: Check our archive of beta and cancelled games and read our articles.

– Contribute: Would you like to help the U64 Archive? Read how you can help us to preserve more beta screens, videos and info!

– Interact: Join the U64 Forum to discuss about unseen games with other geeks!

– Share: Do you have a website or a blog? Spread the unseen! Add to your blogroll or in your links page, write a post about lost games, talk about U64 with your friends, and share your beta-geekness. If more people know about this site, we could have more contributions and the archive can grow with more screens, videos, and info!

– Play: Are you going to buy some new games  for this summer or in the next few months? If you buy them from, from Zavvi, from The Hut, from Sendit or from Playasia using our links and banners, they give us some spare money! For you it’s free, for us it helps paying for the U64 server. Thank you guys :)

Thanks to everyone that supports U64 with love. See you all very soon!

The Unseen 64 Staff

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