South Park

South Park [N64 PSX PC – Beta]

South Park (originally titled South Park: Deeply Impacted during development) is a FPS based on the first few seasons of the popular TV series of the same name. The game is powered by the Turok 2 game engine and was released in 1998 by Acclaim for the PC, Nintendo 64 and PlayStation. Acclaim had announced a sequel to be released sometime in 2000, however this project never surfaced. [Info from Wikipedia]

As noticed by BattleBattleBattle, the game’s plot was initially different from what we got in the final version:

The close proximity of the blasted piece of space debris causes the local turkeys to revolt. It’s now up to you to stop those gobbling overgrown chickens who paint half of their faces blue, trying desparately to infringe on American lifestyle by refusing to get eaten. Oh, and Cartman’s mom was kidnapped by aliens, too. To add insult to injury, Skuzzlebutt’s also out of control, making it imperative that Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny step in, armed with a host of gadgets ranging from cow launchers to fart dolls.

We never see Skuzzlebutt out of control.

The beta multiplayer had 5 different modes to play with, as “Capture the Flag”, a “Grudge Match” and “Kick the Baby”, but in the end only the classic deathmatch mode was finished. The radar in multiplayer was different too (there was only 1 radar for everyone) and in an early screen we notice a level that could have been removed.

Also, Acclaim originally had planned two different styles of games, with the PlayStation version theoretically appearing in a Lost Viking-style of gameplay instead to be a FPS like the N64 and PC versions. A South Park game for the GameBoy Color was also in development, but never released.

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South Park [GBC – Cancelled]


A South Park videogame was planned for the GameBoy Color and was in development at Acclaim studios in 1998, but sadly the project was soon cancelled by the shows creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone due to them feeling that the game isn’t right for the Game Boy Color as children were the main demographic for the system. There are not many info on this game and only a single screenshot was published in an old Nintendo Power magazine (issue 114). The prototype cartridge now belongs to Trey and Matt, commemorating the very first South Park game ever created.

It seems that after the South Park game was cancelled Acclaim didn’t want all their investment in the project to go to waste so it was changed to Maya the Bee and published in Europe. After a little more tweaking it also became the New Adventures of Mary Kate & Ashley and published in the US. If you check videos of these 2 games, you can see that the HUD is basically the same, the platforms and the ladders are similar

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Videos from “Mary Kate & Ashley” for the GBC: