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Unseen Interview: Nick Bruty and Earthworm Jim

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[Interview by EWJ]

Unseen 64 was given the great opportunity to talk to Nick Bruty President and Co-Founder of Planetmoon Studios. This article will be focusing on his time spent with Shiny Entertainment working on Earthworm Jim 1 and 2.  It’s important to note that the visual concepts he’s referring to in the first sentence are these two cut levels:

Nick Talks about the Earthwom Jim 1&2 Development:  

Wild 9 [PSX – Beta]

Wild 9 (known as Wildroid 9 in Japan) is a video game developed by Shiny Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation, with a Sega Saturn version also planned but never released. Its gameplay is that of a 2D platformer, with occasional breaks in 3D dimension. [Info From Wikipedia]

Misterite has an interesting Wild 9 video on his Youtube Channel that shows an early build of the game, with unfinished levels and probabbly some other differences that i could not find.. but thanks to the help of Silverduran we have more informations: there’s a ton of things that had been changed from the final version, like Wex’s character model is much bigger and looks different, the Jet Cycle ended up being red, the guy ((Nitro)) that Wex picks up ended up being MUCH bigger, and 98% of the level designs shown in this video were never used.. but the animations were tho.

In the gallery below you can see many screenshots from a beta version 50% complete, if you can notice more differences in these images please let us know!

Thanks a lot to Silverduran for the contribution!