ghost rider

Ghost Rider [PSX – Cancelled]

Ghost Rider is a cancelled side scroller action game based on the comic series of the same name, that was in development in 1995 by Neversoft Entertainment and it would have been published by Crystal Dynamics for the original Playstation. 15 levels were planned, but the game did not even reach the alpha stage. As we can read on the Playstation Museum:

A demo was created to showcase the 3D environment engine, lighting effects, algorithmically generated fire routine, algorithmically generated chain mechanic, and the developer’s ability to capture the mood and feel of the licensed character. […] While it is true that Crystal Dynamics did reorganize, someone within the organization tried to save Ghost Rider and pitched a plan and budget to senior staff. According to an unnamed source, it was turned down as they thought it would have to be true 3D to succeed (ala Gex 3D).