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Final Fight: Seven Sons [PS2 – Cancelled]


FF: Seven Sons was a prototype for a new Final Fight game that was in development at Capcom Studio 8 before FF: Streetwise. In fact Streetwise was the second attempt for a Ps2 Final Fight. The original FF project for the PS2 was know as “Final Fight: Seven Sons”, but it was never released. The camera in Seven Sons was set on a cambox principle that roughly “imitated” a railcam system and the feel was similar to playing the old 2D games.  It felt very much like a traditional Final Fight incarnation that had leaped from 2D to 3D. The game had a cel shaded graphic, with toonish gritty backgrounds.

When told by corporate that, “The game while fun to play, was visually not suited for its core audience”. The message was misinterpreted by the team as saying, “We don’t like it at all, continue with the brawler aspect with a theme American gamers could appreciate”. The original gameplay core that was established with Seven Sons was swept away making way for “Streetwise”, (Mass urban thug appeal in an already over-saturated market) and it was all downhill from there. Even with a fun playable beta, Final Fight: Seven Sons was cancelled because of marketing decisions and the released FF: Streetwise was very different from what the team had originally in mind.




Streets of Rage 3 [Mega Drive / Genesis – Beta / Unused]


Several pre-release screenshots show that Round 7 originally contained a section where the players got to ride the motorcycles they are so often attacked by. This section was removed for the final version, but is still playable (though buggy and unfinished) with a Game Genie code in the Japanese version. – [Info from Wikipedia]

[More info @ Street Of Rage Online]