Time Crisis Adventure [Xbox – Cancelled]

Time Crisis Adventure is a cancelled Xbox game pitch that started at Darkworks in 2003 after Capcom abandoned their other project, Lost Mantis. Time Crisis Adventure was a collaborative work with Namco US. In 2004, for unknown reasons, Namco dropped the title. However, Darkworks found a new publisher (Ubisoft) and it seems that they changed the game to release it as Cold Fear on both PS2 and Xbox in 2005 – with no references to the Time Crisis franchise.

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1906: An Antarctic Odyssey [PS2 – Cancelled]

1906: An Antarctic Odyssey is a cancelled PlayStation 2 game in pre-production at Darkworks during 1999/2000, but it was put on hold when development on Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare started. Some concepts of the game may have been taken over into the later also cancelled USS Antarctica/Lost Mantis.

Eventually, IGN previewed the game:

The scope of 1906 is a vast action adventure voyage as a team of scientists make their way deep into the world’s uncharted South Pole. Elements of the survival horror pioneered by Alone In The Dark will be part of the play, as the explorers will have to brave uncharted worlds and unknowable dangers. What lies in the frozen arctic is a mystery ready to be discovered, and you are part of the team that will heroically take on that task.


Cold Fear [Beta – XBOX PS2 PC]

Cold Fear is a 3rd person shooter horror title developed for the PS2, Xbox, and PC. Developed by DarkWorks, published by Ubisoft and released in 2005.


Cold Fear didn’t start as a horror title, based on information and speculation, darkworks was working on several new projects with several publishing and developing houses. In 2003 when DarkWorks was working with Capcom thier project: Lost Mantis/USS  Antarctica was canned. In 2004 DarkWorks worked with Namco U.S. on a new title. The game was Time Crysis Adventure. However the game, much like Lost Mantis, was canned, but not before Ubisoft stepped in and took over the project. TC: Adventure evolved into the game Cold Fear. There are several Concept Art images that remain of Time Crysis: Adventure. You can view the Concept Art below:

Alpha Stage:

Prior to the games release Cold Fear orignally looked more detailed and gritty. The enviroments showcased in these screenshots are different in the final version – similar but different. The main chracter in this build was not from the USCG (United States Coast Guard) but part of the Navy Seals and was involved in the operation that invaded the russian ship at the begining of the game.  (CLICK TO ENLARGE THE SCREENSHOTS)


Tom Hansen Background

In the alpha build, Tom Hansen was a 29 year old captain of the navy seals – he wasn’t part of the USCG (United States Coast Guard). It can be assumed that – much like the final version – the navy seals was wiped out. Making Tom Hansen the last survivor on the russian ship. It’s possible that Tom was the leader of that Navy Seal group.


The Deep [XBOX 360 / PS3 – Prototype]

The Deep was a prototype developed by French development studio Darkworks during 2009 for Xbox 360 and PS3. Started after finishing their contract with Ubisoft for I Am Alive, The Deep was pitched to various publishers. In 2010 it was used to present Darkworks’ stereoscopic 3D technology for next-generation consoles.

After The Deep, Darkworks worked on other prototypes including Black Death and Prodigies.

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Lost D Project [XBOX/PS2 – Concept]

After the development of Cold Fear, Darkworks evaluated many other games concepts to pitch for their new project, but most of them were never realized. There are not many info about all these ideas, but one of their “lost projects” had a nice sci-fi-noir / steam-punk style, as we can see from the few concept arts preserved. The main character seems to have been an “agent with a grey coat, that reminds me of Rick Deckard in Blade Runner. In the dark and steamy city, various demons, psycho-soldiers and huge monsters were going to be the main enemies of the player. It’s currently unknown if this concept was ever developed in a playable form, or it just remained an awesome series of drawings.

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