USS Antarctica / Lost Mantis [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

USS Antarctica / Lost Mantis [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

“USS Antarctica”, later called “Lost Mantis”, was an action adventure game in development at Darkworks Studio for the XBOX and PS2 from 2001-2003. Even though Capcom first announced the title in 2001, it was later cancelled for unknown reasons.




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4 thoughts on “USS Antarctica / Lost Mantis [XBOX/PS2 – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma

      indeed, 1906 / Lost Mantis looked like an huge project, it’s a shame that it was never released. Also, there are many more Darkworks projects that seem to have been cancelled. They have talent, but bad luck :\

  1. Maik Thiele

    “Darkworks the maker of Alone in the Dark IV introduces USS Antarctica, an epic action-adventure trilogy mixing fear and romance in a unique science-fiction and fantasy setting.

    The player will be in charge of two heroes and cooperative action will be at the heart of the adventure to create a new genre that we call “Team Survival”.

    USS Antarctica trilogy will add a new touch to the horror-survival genre by thrusting the player right into a disaster movie. The player will spend most of his time experiencing situations of extreme stress, emergency and even panic The two heroes will have to fight to survive the horror and deal with fearsome enemies. U.A’s experience will focuses on the dramatic dimension of the adventure and translates it into gameplay.

    We want to make the first ever game which brings together two very popular genres: horror-survival and tactical-espionage. The fun of shooting and the fear specific to survival combined with sophisticated espionage and the suspense of stealth action.

    We are impatient to show all the knowledge we gathered from AITD. Both Darkworks’ computer artists and developers have built a world-class reputation in their field and are eager to take advantage of both Xbox and PS2 hardware.



    Source: Darkwork homepage

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