Zelda: Ocarina of Time URA Project – The Expansion Mod

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time URA Expansion is based from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. Nintendo promised a great tale of adventure, new dungeons, new side quest and much more but it was never delivered due to the failure of the 64DD. A group of hackers lead by ZethN64 have joined together, creating their own version of URA (known around the community as The URA Project) with their ideas and input from the community on the direction to take this project. Their goal? To make it one of the best expansions to follow in the footsteps of Ocarina of Time. One of the main changes is that our Hero and his fairy partner Navi has been replaced by the Hero of Light and a new fairy called Raze who will feature a chime instead of Navi’s voice and colours.

They plan to make the environment in URA to feel more alive and real, breathing more of an atmosphere to the game. NPC’s moving around instead of standing still, new changes in storyline, a restoration of the “blade beam attack” and other cool prerelease/beta elements while creating new ones.

The team members include: ZethN64 (team leader), Sakura, SanguinettiMods, Naxylldritt, Arcaith, Dominic Ninmark(the composer), spinout, Shadowfire (the main beta tester) Branden, Satoshi and the guys from Hard4Games as the secondary testers. Other non official team members, are helping them with hacking and advancing in knowledge in the N64. BIG SPECIAL thanks goes to Twili, Fkualol, flotonic, JSA, Xdaniel, Deathbasket and cooliscool for the tools they have written and anyone else who contributed to this project.

Here is a list of some of the features being implemented in the game.
* A brand new plot with new dialogue to envelop the player
* A new protagonist
* A new fairy partner named Raze, with a new personality
* Completely new dungeons
* A new overworld
* New NPCs, enemies and bosses
* New minigames and revamped old ones
* Changes to the OoT game engine where appropriate, to add new functionality
* Restored beta content
* New attacks
* New items
* New MP3 quality music
* Ura only save files and enhanced file select screen
* New side quests
* Time of day system, with time sensitive events
* Restored beta animations / new animations
* New Warp Songs to learn
* A+B Reversed interface/controls

All work posted is considered work in progress and is subject to change for better and more refinement.  Below you can check out both released trailers of the URA Project, that represents one year’s worth of work. The project is currently at 50% completed! As always, U64 wishes them good luck! To find out more information visit their new website: URA Project Official Website

Concept Artwork:
zelda beta
zelda ura
zelda beta remake

Musical Samples:
Hymn of Ice

Temple of Ice

Overture of Wind

Wind Temple

The New updated info

The Outdated Trailers


Kingdom Hearts Re: CoM PS2 Prototype Fundraiser

Update: Fundraiser Completed! The game was released by Borman / Superior Version in January 2010, thanks to everyone!

Evilhamwizard has started a new Fundraising project for an interesting proto: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. As he wrote in the U64 Forum:

[…] a Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM (Chain of Memories) translation prototype for the PS2, dating 10/01/08 (and for the record, the final US release was compiled on 10/21/08). The actual DVD calls this a “Preview” build of the game, which was given to gaming companies to endure. You may be saying to yourself, “why would this be good?”. Well, actually, it’s a very cool prototype. And is definitely what I want my KH2 prototype to be like once I get a chance to check it out.

This prototype basically has the following:

– DEBUG MENUS GALOR (tons of them, covering every aspect of the game)
– Minor mistranslations and spelling mistakes
– Some videos and cutscenes lack English dialog

To obtain this prototype, a donation fundraiser is required to cover the costs of paying for the game. And fortunetly, isn’t too steep. The release comes to about $225. And the great part is that as soon as the goal has been met, the game will be released immediately via MegaUpload.

Here’s the current status of the fund raiser:

Completed! The game was released by Borman / Superior Version in January 2010, thanks to everyone!

If you still have doubts about the prototype itself, you can view all the video footage available at (4 hours of footage)

Special thanks to Borman from for purchasing the prototype and allowing the opportunity for a public release! And thanks to DreamTR for allowing us to buy prototypes at nice prices as well. :)


[Projects] Updates on the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration

What Happened to Team Beta Triforce? It has been many long months, and this article is here to explain why TBT suddenly dissapeared off the face of the internet. The leader of Team Beta Triforce, ZeldaMaster90 aka ZM90 was overthrown, the project was made open source and leaderless, and TBT was renamed Z64 Bros.

The revival of TBT started with Z64 Bros members ZeldaMaster90, Flotonic, and ChampionMan. The trio decided that open source was not right for the project and decided to start a secret revival of TBT. ChampionMan removed all videos from the TBT Youtube account which created the illusion of a more dead TBT.

One day Jani, Medli, and ZM90 noticed the Zelda hacking community was in bad shape and decided the revival of TBT was now more important than ever and thus TBT was reborn with most of it’s members.

Currently ZM90 has not touched the beta restoration stuff in months and TBT just recently reformed, they are not done with the demo, and they are just getting things back to normal. Their plan is to release a playable demo of the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration in the following months. You can check the Z64 Beta Restoration page for more info and media. 

[Projects] Zelda: Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration [UPDATE 28/06/2016]

Update: Unfortunately the team never finished the project because of technical issues related to the impossibility to incorporate actors into the new scenarios they made. But thanks to Akito_Kun a playable demo of the mod was shared online.

The Ocarina of Time Beta Restoration Project was a mod who’s goal was to remake the entire (or as much as possible) Beta version of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Now, there are several beta versions. They were focusisng on the A+C version, where there was only adult link. So the game was adult link only. There was a massive number of things from the beta being revived.

Beta attacks such as the jump strike and sword beam attack. All attacks and interface modifications were programed directly into the game, so no cheats needed. And of course, the original A+C interface was there, as well as a integrated textures to make the game look as legitimate as possible.

Beta Items include:

  • Bomb arrows
  • Medallions
  • Equippable fishing rod.
  • Reed whistle for calling Epona

Beta areas such as:

  • Original graveyard (flat, very different layout)
  • Castle Sewers (original method of escaping castle)
  • Beta castle town (3D and explorable)
  • Lost woods (3D, has multiple trails leading to places, and no tunnels like final version)
  • And more!

Old Project News :

Currently ZM90 has not touched the beta restoration stuff in months and TBT just recently reformed, they are not done with the demo, and they are just getting things back to normal. Their plan is to release a playable demo of the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration in the following months. Due to internal issues in the team, it’s possible that the Zelda 64 Beta Restoration will never be finished.


For more info:


Restored (For now):

BETA Presentation – Restored

BETA Lampposts – Restored

Great Blue Fairy – Restored

Temple of Time – Upside-Down TRIFORCE – Restored

Temple of Time – Background Music BETA – Restored

Backalley BETA – Restored

Dogs BETA – Restored

Market BETA – Restored (%80)

Alpha Jump Attack – Restored

Beam Blade Attack – Restored

BETA Dodongo’s Death Animations – Restored

BETA Link’s Shadow – Restored

BETA Triforce Transition – Restored

All BETA Link’s Attacks – Restored

BETA Zelda’s Courtyard – Restored

BETA Kokiri Forest – Restored

BETA Cucco’s House (Lon Lon Ranch) – Restored

BETA Zora’s River Exit – Restored

· More Coming Soon…

Thank you for reading!

For more info and beta Zelda updates, check: