Gunvalkyrie [DC – Cancelled]


Gunvalkyrie was released for the XBOX, but it was originally developed for the Sega Dreamcast. It’s visual style was very similar to the final Xbox version; though the characters were rendered using a cel-shaded style reminiscent to Jet Set Radio, a popular Dreamcast game also made by the development studio, SmileBit. The Dreamcast version’s distinguishing feature was that during the game’s development, Gunvalkyrie utilized a unique control scheme using both a light gun and a controller. This control-scheme was dropped when development shifted to the Xbox version. – [info from wikipedia]




Agartha [Dreamcast – Cancelled]


Agartha is a cancelled horror adventure that was planned by the French software house No Cliche (author of titles like Toy Commander) for the Sega Dreamcast. Development began in 2000 and the game promised to have an interesting plot and gameplay:

During the winter of 1929 in a Romanian village that was partially destroyed by a landslide that occurred during a mysterious earthquake, a subterranean city exists called Agartha. This is where evil is being kept prisoner and is desperate to escape. Kirk the human hero will encounter a series of characters from villages, the living dead, fanatics from an evil sect, monsters, demons, solider monks, priests, archangels and the Sentinel who is the ultimate personification of evil. As Kirk you can decide to save as many innocent people as possible or to trigger the arrival of chaos on earth. As Kirk’s morals waver between good and evil, this ambiguity changes the aims of the adventure and the narration of the story.

Agartha’s gameplay was probably going to be similar to Alone in the Dark, D2 and Silent Hill, players had to explore the snowed mountains and villages, resolving puzzles and fighting against monsters / demons that lived in there. The game progress was influenced by the players’ choices, which could have decided whether to help innocent people and seal the evil town, or let them to die and help demons to destroy our planet. An online mode of some sort could have been planned too.

No Cliche’s horror adventure could have been an awesome addition to the Dreamcast’s library, however in 2001, Sega went out of the console business. Sadly No Cliche had to cancel Agartha, close down and laid off most of its staff.

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Propeller Arena [Dreamcast – Cancelled]


Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship, had to be one of those titles that would show the potential of the Dreamcast, a console for online gaming. The plot was simple: in 2045, would set up a championship fights between aircraft of the Second World War. The game included a Championship mode, where by choosing one of the playable characters, you could face the fighting and move forward in history, a quick battles, where you could challenge a friend (up to 4 split screen) or the computer, and an online mode, true essence of the game.

In fact, Propeller Arena promised exciting multiplayer battles on public game servers, in which players communicate through a microphone (which is rumored to have been integrated in the packaging of the game) or the keyboard. Unfortunately, this promising game was postponed and then canceled, for several reasons.

For some, the failure of the Dreamcast just around the corner, SEGA thought this game would have earned enough and the gate, while for others the real reason was another

A level of the game, titled Tower Stage, saw aerial combat in the middle of a city of palaces, with the planes which crashed on the latter. According to some, this level was too much like the attack of September 11th (which had just happened to coincide with the launch of the game, scheduled for November 2001) and it was this stage that caused the downfall of the game, however, the various P2P networks, You can find the disk image of Propeller Arena, a pre-release dump from someone.

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More info: http://propellerarena.gametribute.com


Propeller Arena Trailer


Gun Beat [DC/Arcade – Cancelled]


GunBeat (also known as Glitter GunBeat) was an action/racing game created by Treasure for the Sega NAOMI arcade hardware in 1999. It was location-tested publicly, but canceled before its release. A few videos and images remain the only reliable sources of information about the game.

The game, which would have been Treasure’s first fully 3D title, appeared to have players race each other around circuitous tracks riding mounts, including a giant hamster. The game had action and combat elements, as well.

Production was terminated when the lead programmer left the company. This programmer has not been identified by name, but founding member “Fukuryu” is known to have left the company around this same time, and remains the best guess of fans. Treasure was not initially pleased with game’s progress and chose to end the project rather than attempt to replace the project leader. [Infos from Wikipedia]



Thunderforce VI [Dreamcast – Concept / Cancelled]


A video was made in 2000 which circulated on the Internet showing the intro sequence for Thunder Force VI. This video serves as evidence that Thunder Force VI was at one point in development for the Sega Dreamcast console. In 2001, a video game music album was released from the band “Noise” entitled Broken Thunder: Noise Image Soundtrack Volume 3 featuring music intended to be used in Thunder Force VI. The soundtrack is composed by Tsukumo Hyakutarou, Noise band member and music composer for many of Technosoft’s games (including Thunder Force V). On December 5, 2005, the music featured in Broken Thunder: Noise Image Soundtrack Volume 3 was re-relased along with other arrangements from previous Thunder Force games on an album entitled Thunder Force VI Soundtrack ~Broken Thunder~ published by “Factory Noise & AG”. Internet rumors have been floating around that Technosoft, who has not been heard from since the early 2000s, are currently rehiring staff and planning to release Thunder Force VI for an unnamed game system. – [info from Wikipedia]