Propeller Arena [Dreamcast – Cancelled]

Propeller Arena [Dreamcast – Cancelled]


Propeller Arena: Aviation Battle Championship, had to be one of those titles that would show the potential of the Dreamcast, a console for online gaming. The plot was simple: in 2045, would set up a championship fights between aircraft of the Second World War. The game included a Championship mode, where by choosing one of the playable characters, you could face the fighting and move forward in history, a quick battles, where you could challenge a friend (up to 4 split screen) or the computer, and an online mode, true essence of the game.

In fact, Propeller Arena promised exciting multiplayer battles on public game servers, in which players communicate through a microphone (which is rumored to have been integrated in the packaging of the game) or the keyboard. Unfortunately, this promising game was postponed and then canceled, for several reasons.

For some, the failure of the Dreamcast just around the corner, SEGA thought this game would have earned enough and the gate, while for others the real reason was another

A level of the game, titled Tower Stage, saw aerial combat in the middle of a city of palaces, with the planes which crashed on the latter. According to some, this level was too much like the attack of September 11th (which had just happened to coincide with the launch of the game, scheduled for November 2001) and it was this stage that caused the downfall of the game, however, the various P2P networks, You can find the disk image of Propeller Arena, a pre-release dump from someone.

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3 thoughts on “Propeller Arena [Dreamcast – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma

      Indeed, i tried Propeller Arena some years ago, it was really good.. it’s a shame that it was cancelled, i’m sure that it would have been fun to play it online on the Dreamcast

  1. Will

    I supplement what I read in the newspaper and what I watch on TV with some good sources on the Internet and not a bunch of hearsay. So the newspaper is still important and people still read it whether in the paper form or the online form it has been converted to. Plus, not everyone in the US can afford Internet and not everyone around the world can access it because in some countries sites are blocked. That is my answer.

    I never had a Dreamcast since I was very international growing up in being in many Latin American countries. So I am sad that many games have been cancelled but when it comes to the game developing business it is a cutthroat word. Sadly, some games never get the green light whether for good or poor reasons.

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