Gunvalkyrie [DC – Cancelled]

Gunvalkyrie [DC – Cancelled]


Gunvalkyrie was released for the XBOX, but it was originally developed for the Sega Dreamcast. It’s visual style was very similar to the final Xbox version; though the characters were rendered using a cel-shaded style reminiscent to Jet Set Radio, a popular Dreamcast game also made by the development studio, SmileBit. The Dreamcast version’s distinguishing feature was that during the game’s development, Gunvalkyrie utilized a unique control scheme using both a light gun and a controller. This control-scheme was dropped when development shifted to the Xbox version. – [info from wikipedia]



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4 thoughts on “Gunvalkyrie [DC – Cancelled]

    1. monokoma

      It’s possible that when they decided to port the game to the Xbox, they used some footage from the dreamcast version to promote the title. Sadly, with no buttons shown on that video, is hard to know for sure :P

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Game was shown in Issue 13 (Nov 2000) of The Official Dreamcast magazine.

    As well as the lightgun and DC pad controls, it’d featured both online and M.P modes, inc co-op and was due sometime in 2001.

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