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California Raisins [NES – Cancelled]

California Raisins is the tie-in of the eponymous 80’s animated show that was supposed to released in the early nineties. It featured the original characters of the franchise and five different and very bizzarre levels. Even through the game was finished, at the end it got quietly dropped, probably because of a scandal involving toxins found in the California Raisins.

Thanks a lot to Nes World for the first screenshot!



Time Diver: Eon Man [NES – Cancelled]

Time Diver: Eon Man is a cancelled beat ’em up developed by A.I for Taito for the NES. The game was finished, receiving a four-page strategy guide and review in issue 45 (February ’93) of Nintendo Power. Despite this, the game eventually disappeared from the Pak Watch section and was silently canceled.

According to game designer Shouichi Yoshikawa, the game was originally being developed as a sequel to Wrath of the Black Manta before being retooled.

Time Diver had 5 levels set at various points in time. These include the opening level Peaceful 1993, the Wild West, 1882, Devastated 2052, Devastated 1993, and a Peaceful Utopia version of 2052. An unusual feature (for the time) was that, with the exception of the first level, the stage order is randomized; allowing for some variation when playing through the game multiple times. [Info from Wikipedia]

A playable ROM of Time Diver was somehow leaked online and you should be able to find it easily with google. You can read more info about the project in this article by Lost Levels’ Frank Cifaldi!




Donkey Kong’s Fun With Music [NES – Cancelled]


Donkey Kong’s Fun With Music was a Sequel in a line of educational video game containing classic Nintendo Characters. These games intended to help kids while still being entertaining. This line of games included Donkey Kong Jr. Math, and Popeye no Eigo Asobi (A game Starring Popeye the sailor in which you learn about American Spelling). This game was canceled for unknown reasons. If you ask me it’s because kids weren’t being entertained.

Thanks a lot to NES World for some of these screenshots! According to the titles on the screen, the songs being played here are I’ve Been Working on the Railroad and “Inu no Omawari-san”, a well-known Japanese children’s song.



Airball [NES – Unreleased]

Airball is a cancelled action game / puzzle that was in development by Novotrade and it would have been published by Tengen for the NES. As we can read at Lost Levels:

the game itself is a pseudo-3D isometric fetch-quest, along the lines of Knight Lore, Alien 8, Batman and the like (or, if you’re only console literate, Solstice on the NES). As the NES-exclusive opening cinema shows, an evil wizard has turned the player’s human character into a ball, and sets him on a journey around his castle to find a handful of items he’s misplaced.

The project was lost untill a prototype was found again in 2007: thanks to Retro Zone you can buy the reproduction of the prototype and play it on your NES console. (It works on authentic Nintendo Systems including NTSC, PAL A, PAL B, and Asian systems!)


Thanks a lot to NES World for these screenshots!