Space Ace [NES – Unreleased]

Space Ace [NES – Unreleased]


Space ace was an arcade laser game released originally in 1984.  However,this Nes version was going to be a platform in the same vein as the conversion of Dragon’s Lair  produced for the same 8-bit console. It is likely that the project was dropped because the Nintendo Entertainment System was at the end of its life. Space Ace was later ported to the Snes, but it was a completely different game.

Thanks to ArnoldRimmer83 for the pics!


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3 thoughts on “Space Ace [NES – Unreleased]

  1. Cubivore10

    This looks like that one arcade game that was ported to the NES, but was changed a lot, and sucked. I think it was Dragon Quest, or Dragon’s Lair. It has the same style, it looks like,a judging by the cartoon image on the banner…yeah, maybe un-released due to the fact the other game sucked.

  2. syrupneko

    man. this actually looks pretty good. I’d of loved this. I imagine this probably didn’t get released though due to it just being too late in the game. There was a Space Ace release similar to this for this SNES however, so they probably didn’t see much of a need for the dual release at the time. Not to mention that despite its popularity, Space Ace was never as big as Dragon’s Lair.

    Personally, I prefered Space Ace over the Dragon’s Lair franchise, but I think that even Don Bluth (the famous former Disney animator who worked on these games, not to mention several famous animated feature films), was much more fonder of Dragon’s Lair, especially since it got a sequel, and at one point he had a feature length film in the works – which for better or worse, he was never able to find investors for. I have an animation book of his that has storyboards from that planned film.

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