Super Mario Bros. 2 [NES – Beta]

Super Mario Bros. 2 [NES – Beta]

The game was originally set to have batteries for save the game’s progress. This was probably changed because the beta game was just 1 MB rather than the final version’s 2 MB. The story originally had more orange characters, background and text, a yellow frame a light yellow “painting” and a red logo. Originally, it was ellipses between “Extra Life” and the number of lives, something that was restored in Super Mario All-Stars. The characters didn’t change much, however, Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi didn’t have sclera in the original version. Also, the “shrinking” Peach missed two pixels on either side, and Toad did have two pixels fewer on the right down-corner. All their sprites for holding things also changed. The player couldn’t run by holding down the B button. The beta also had normal pictures for each character, through this maybe not was available at the time. The original lamp was originally to be in the game, instead of the potion.

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3 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. 2 [NES – Beta]

  1. Peter Lidström

    The japanese Super Mario Bros 2 was actually available to Europe and USA at the launch of the SNES, it was on the Super Mario Allstars cartridge and was called “The Lost Levels”.

    The Japanese SMB2 was considered too hard for Europe and the USA, so Nintendo of America contacted Japan and asked for an easier version, but they got a remake of the game Doki Doki Panic! instead.

    I have D.D.P on a diskette for the Famicom Disk System (FDS) and the only thing that differs are just the pixel graphics on Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Princess. Their body shape and everything else in the game is exactly the same as the US&EU version of SMB2.

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