Mortimer in the Big City (Imagitec) [Cancelled – SNES, Mega Drive]

Mortimer in the Big City (Imagitec) [Cancelled – SNES, Mega Drive]

Mortimer in the Big City is a cancelled action adventure that was in early development by Imagitec Design for Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive / Genesis. The project is mostly forgotten today, but a short article about it was published in 1992 on Hobby Consolas magazine (issue 10), with a few details on it’s gameplay (translated with Google):

“Mortimer, who is the “protagonist”, must do everything possible to rescue his girlfriend Maria Mouse from the clutches of Rufus the Rat. There are six levels to explore in which you can find everything: from animals of all kinds to an infinite number of objects, platforms, some humans, puzzles, traps and, above all, bomb-proof action and exasperating gameplay.”

At the time Imagitec developed some fun games such as The Humans and Viking Child, so we can just wonder if Mortimer in the Big City could have been another interesting project. The only Mortimer image published in Hobby Consolas is a concept art, and we don’t know if they ever created a playable prototype before its cancellation.

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One thought on “Mortimer in the Big City (Imagitec) [Cancelled – SNES, Mega Drive]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    Wow, even more canned Imagitec Design titles coming to light.

    Very, very curious these have remained buried and Martin Hooley cherry picks which titles he chooses to discuss when asked about cancelled titles when interviewed.

    Nobody from Imagitec can remember being assigned to any Panther projects.

    The list of cancelled SNES/MD projects is growing larger still.

    He’s talked in the last few years, briefly, about plans for Lynx Pitfall The Mayan Adventure, but given how they screwed up the frame rate in the Jaguar conversion, that might of been for the best..

    He never mentioned 7800 Toki until the Atari Corp documents were found and shared.

    Very odd behaviour..

    Fantastic work for uncovering this one.

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