Perdition (Velvet Games) [Nintendo DS – Cancelled]

Perdition (Velvet Games) [Nintendo DS – Cancelled]

Perdition is a cancelled third person shooter that was in development by Velvet Games and would have been published by Bauhaus Entertainment for Nintendo DS. Players could have been able to shoot down hordes of zombies in single player or coop mode, using many different weapons and items. Could this have been the “Left 4 Dead” for Nintendo DS fans? Unfortunately we’ll never known

In the end Perdition was canned and never completed but in October 2021 Forest of Illusions released a playable prototype online.



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One thought on “Perdition (Velvet Games) [Nintendo DS – Cancelled]

  1. Ludwig21

    Se veía bien para ser de Nintendo DS, Tendría una manera de jugar parecida al modo de zombies de Black Ops para DS, al menos después de un tiempo se animaron a sacar la beta

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