Project Alpha (MIT) [GBA – Cancelled]

Project Alpha (MIT) [GBA – Cancelled]

Project Alpha is a cancelled RPG that was in development by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer for Game Boy Advance. The team is mostly known for their work on the portable side-series of Shin Megami Tensei, with titles such as Devil Children, DemiKids, Megami Tensei Gaiden.

This canned project was in development using the same GBA engine they created for the Devil Children titles, as much as it reused many assets from Devil Children: Fire Book. However it seems Project Alpha was planned as a different, original game. In early 2019 YT channel Hard4Games made a video about this prototype and sometime later Kuriatsu acquired the same proto, doing more research on its content. As wrote on Reddit:

“For those that are unaware, Project Alpha, is a game prototype that first appeared on Hard4Games about a month ago. In these videos, they covered a few things that are and are not relevant to the game series Devil Children on GBA. Project Alpha uses the exact same game engine to a T that Devil Children: book of fire uses, to the point that it even uses book of Fires internal designation. (so basically Atlus rom hacked Book of Fire) A lot of the assets, such as music, some visuals, a LOT of Debug, and so on, are from Book of Fire, but Project Alpha is its own game, and at one time, was supposed to be something, but noone knows what. In my experiments with this game, there’s not even a single trace of its original name that I’m seeing thus far.”

The japanese prototype was translated thanks to RetroTranslator and Kuriatsu made a video showing off more of what can be found in this early demo:

As wrote in the video description:

  1. This game is not even 1/50th complete, but it is an interesting game.
  2. This game is not a Devil Children game, despite using the DC3 Engine. project alpha is the same for devil children as Guruguru Garakuta-zu is for devil children on the Gameboy colour. Devil children on the GBC actually took a LOT of resources from Guruguru Garakuta-zu. In the same way, project alpha took a LOT of resources from Devil Children Flame Book. In fact, all of the music that we’ll hear from this game is actually from Devil Children Flame Book.
  3. This game is highly unusual in comparison to other prototypes, and is likely the equivalent of a pilot TV show thats testing the waters, as a result, it’s not incredibly detailed, but the back story is clear as crystal.”

Thanks to Kuriatsu for the contribution!



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One thought on “Project Alpha (MIT) [GBA – Cancelled]

  1. Phil

    The owner is a cheapskate! She is only 12 or 14 for sure as she thinks dumping a prototype might get her in legal trouble which doesn’t make any sense! Lots of people already dumped prototypes and they never got into any trouble with it. Of course those people doing it are usually groups and not from a single individual dumping prototypes. It’s a horrible shame where this one was landed as it appears to be purchased by the wrong hands, someone like many other collectors would selfishly keeping it, holding it up until they think it’s time for them to realized they don’t want it anymore whenever they wish to sell it for ridiculous amounts of profit! Those are selfish greedy collectors right there but more like gold diggers if you ask me, she is possibly keeping the game locked up shut in her room, not wanting anyone else but herself to look at! She will die one day and someone else who are more generous than her will give it to the right people who can finally dump it for sure. In the meantime, we can only hoped for a later or earlier build of this game since there not many RPG game boy advance games released and this could be a game boy advance Shin Megami Tensei since there doesn’t seem to be one for that handheld and only the garbage Pokemon ripoff ones called Devil Children which doesn’t look like they have anything to do with the Shin Megami series. Shin Megami is about swords combat such as fighting dragons, knights. monsters, exploring dungeons, castles, and of course magic not cast by stupid Pokemon wannabe creatures but casted by humans instead as if it were a legit Shin Megami GBA game!

    Please consider sending a message to Hidden Palace about this as they don’t seem to be aware about the internet than paying too much attention to their pointless PS2 project dumping while they should be more aware of the prototypes for sale on ebay from time to time! We must find another prototype of Alpha before the selfish little bitch does! Who knows what other prototypes she might hold up next?! Please do something Unseen64 owner! We cannot afford to lose anymore prototypes like this! I will always keep Hidden Palace in the know next time I see prototypes for sale on ebay or other willing preserving groups on Twitter!

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