Chronicles of Eden Vol I: Vangarde’s Tale [GBA – Cancelled]

Chronicles of Eden Vol I: Vangarde’s Tale [GBA – Cancelled]

Long title, short story. Chronicles of Eden Vol.I: Vangarde’s Tale was announced in 2004 by its developer Lightspire Studios as an upcoming Gameboy Advance title. The game was supposed to be a top down story driven action adventure/ role playing game. At the time of announcing the game no publisher was known yet and nor was a hint given on a final release date.

The game tells the story of Dyrvaine, an elite agent of the Elven Council of Tannale. The agent is sent out to investigate mysterious activities with a gate seal on a world called Elzian. The game was divided into four episodes and would give the player three characters to choose from, each wit an unique style of gameplay and each one with a different look on the storyline. A fourth character would become available after completing two of the four episodes. An interview with one of the makers of the game by Planet Gameboy can be read here.

After the announcement things became quiet on the game and it is assumed to be fully cancelled, most likely too hard to find a publisher for the game.

Promotional video:


Extra – Artwork, possible Box Cover & Lightsphere logo:

(note: I only picked 3 recognizable pictures shown in the promotional video.  more?)

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3 thoughts on “Chronicles of Eden Vol I: Vangarde’s Tale [GBA – Cancelled]

  1. Calthaer

    Well…this is surprising. I’m one of the people who started Lightspire Studios. The guy who did the concept art here sent me a Facebook post when he went looking for his old stuff online. Despite how these screenshots may make it seem, the game was far from a playable state – mostly a tech demo of movement, attacking, etc.

    Programming for the Game Boy in those days was kind of tough; Nintendo wanted you to put down a bunch of cash to get a development unit and we were trying to do it on a shoestring budget. I was doing design and testing and art. We could have gotten a lot more done if I had put my head down and learned to program and help out with that more – my co-founder had a full-time job and we were hoping to get this picked up by a publisher. We didn’t, and eventually packed it in. The assets are sitting on a backup CD somewhere, maybe even my OneDrive. One of these days I’ll have to see if the ROM is there to upload to a GBA flash drive to play.

    There was no digital distribution then like there is today – no indie game scene, and Steam might have existed but wasn’t the platform for game publishing it is today. The GBA seemed like the platform easiest to publish for – no need to build a 3D engine or anything, and the people who had the system would have played this game. No one was doing 2D sprite games on the PC at that point, or anywhere else. No Game Developer Studio or anything like it to make creation of 2D games relatively easy. I dream about getting this game off the ground someday, but time has a way of slipping away…a little more interested in writing and, if I did do a game, there are some other ideas I’d want to pursue first. Appreciate you posting this; interesting to see that the Internet never really forgets!

    1. Alfon

      I am a bit old, but I remember very clearly those days… I was 15. This kind of games were GOLD for me and my friends, big rpgs like Tales of Phantasia or Golden Sun for the gba. Your game looked sooo ambitious, it’s very sad you were unable to finish it and publish it. I would have bought it 100%.

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