Project Exile (Studio Archcraft) – [GBA – cancelled]

Project Exile (Studio Archcraft) – [GBA – cancelled]

Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled is a role-playing game produced by a Canadian company Studio Archcraft and published by Graffiti Entertainment in 2009 on the Nintendo DS platform. After their first ideas for a game in 2001, actual game development started way back in 2003 on another platform: the Game Boy Advance.

The project became known as “Project Exile” and it was meant to be a Super Nintendo style RPG in the likes of Chrono Trigger. In June 2006 Studio Archcraft however took the decision to port the complete game over to the Nintendo DS instead of releasing it on the Game Boy Advance. In an interview (see screenshots below + another interview in here) developer Archcraft described the change of console as mostly a business decision. The Game Boy Advance was nearing the end of it’s life cycle and the Nintendo DS would provide them more freedom design-wise and more flexibility in memory/ screen space.

Although the Nintendo DS was capable of playing Game Boy Advance titles the company took the decision to completely port the title and abandon the Game Boy Advance version. Development must have been quite far judging the quite good looking screenshots of the game as well as a promotional/ gameplay video dated 2006 I found. I also retrieved a progress report stating a 70% completion dating back to June 2004.

Also found below are some screenshots dating June 2006 from Archcraft’s old website: all Game Boy Advance material but also the announcement of porting the game to the Nintendo DS.  So June 2006 end of a promising game: Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled aka Project Exile for the Game Boy Advance.


promotional/ gameplay Video by Archcraft – 2006:

progress report & interview 2006:






website screenshots

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2 thoughts on “Project Exile (Studio Archcraft) – [GBA – cancelled]

  1. Maik

    A high quality soundtrack accompanies the characters on their journey, filling the player’s imagination with haunting melodies in a majestic ensemble.
    The player controls a team of 8 fully developed playable characters armed with over 100 different abilities, skills and combos, as they progress through a rich, colorful world, filled with magic and adventure.
    The fast-paced, active tactical combat system gives the player more control while retaining a classic RPG feel.
    Beautiful and vivid environments create a realistic yet imaginative landscape, filled with attractive and detailed scenery.
    Features complex worlds full of realistic characters struggling for control of their inner powers. Dark secrets and powerful plot twists fill an epic tale with imagination and life.

  2. Edward Kirk

    An early build has been released via Internet Archive, apparently dated 10 Februrary 2007 in the game’s coding. But given how incomplete it is (only having Chapter 1), is it one of the builds listed in the News section of the Ashcraft website?

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