The Lord of the Creatures [Cancelled – PC, Xbox 360, PS3]

The Lord of the Creatures [Cancelled – PC, Xbox 360, PS3]

The Lord of the Creatures is a cancelled fantasy strategy / adventure game that was in development by Spanish studio Arvirago Entertainment (a team composed of former Pyro Studios devs, creators of the Commandos RTS series) for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The main feature of the game was to capture and use monsters in combat, somehow similar to a real-time Pokèmon action adventure mixed with Kameo, in a classic fantasy setting with orcs, elves and other strange creatures. The game was originally announced in 2003 but after a few years of development it was quietly canned and not much more info was ever released.

Players would be able to collect over one hundred different creatures, each one with exclusive abilities to use directly by impersonating one of them or by giving orders like in a real time strategy game. Enemies would attack in groups and we had to think about the best creatures for the fight, depending on their characteristics, weapons and items. Five different main characters were available, each one with a different play-style. Online cooperative and competitive modes were also planned, to test your tactical abilities and creatures along or against other players.

We don’t know what happened to Arvirago, but it seems that the studio does not exist anymore and they never released any game before to vanish forever.



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3 thoughts on “The Lord of the Creatures [Cancelled – PC, Xbox 360, PS3]

    1. eSPy

      company history:

      Arvirago is company dedicated to the production of multiplatform games aimed at the international market. The company was created in 2002 by Gonzo Suarez (partner of Pyro Studios and Director of the games of the Commandos series) and Jon Beltran de Heredia (Lead Developer of all the titles of the Commandos series). Arvirago is based in Madrid (Spain).

      Arvirago starts its activities in September 2002, as soon as the team finishes the development of Commandos for PlayStation 2 and Xbox becoming ready to begin work in the next project.

      Arvirago continues the trajectory of games development started with ‘Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines’ in 1996, which was published in 1998 and became number one seller in all charts of Europe and United States. Commandos was number two of PC game sales in Europe in 1998, and number three worldwide, which marked a unique event in the spanish production of videogames. This trajectory of first class games has continued until today with ‘Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty’ (1999) (an expansion pack for Commandos), and again with an ambitious production: ‘Commandos 2: Men of Courage’ (released for the PC in September 2001), which became one more time number one on all sales charts, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the United States. Commandos 2 was versioned as well for Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea, where it also achieved number one on the sales charts. The last release has been Commandos 2 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, which has been a great sales success, selling over half a million copies during its first weeks.

      Currently Arvirago is working in the production of a new project, counting with a team of 12 people formed by the key people of the production of the Commandos series. The project, ‘The Lord of the Creatures’, is a title aimed at multiple platforms, both PC and consoles, and with ample possibilities for online gaming.

      Arvirago is born with the aim of becoming a developer that takes on several projects simultaneously, generating a continuous stream of top qualitty titles and becoming a reference of the creation of videogames internationally.

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