Rayman 3 [Beta – PS2 / Xbox / GameCube]

Rayman 3 [Beta – PS2 / Xbox / GameCube]

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc is a platform game developed by Ubisoft and released for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC in 2003. A Rayman 3 beta demo was leaked online sometime ago, with some differences as character models, voices and controls. I did not play the final version of Rayman 3, so if you can notice some more differences in the development screens or the beta videos below, please let us know!



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4 thoughts on “Rayman 3 [Beta – PS2 / Xbox / GameCube]

  1. Cairnie

    The screenshots here look very new to me, for one Rayman is wearing a yellow hood and a blue top when the last time I checked it was always red and purple! XD There are Rayman 2 style health bars as well, hmmm…

    As for the videos there is an article about Rayman 3’s early production on RaymanPC’s wiki if you’d like to have a look. http://raymanpc.com/wiki/en/Rayman_3_(early_production)

  2. Master4lyf1

    Thank you for posting this article, I’ve seen some BETA screenshots before, but none of the ones you’ve shared.
    Like Cairnie said, the screenshots use Rayman 2’s health bars, a possible indication that Rayman 3 uses Rayman 2s technology?
    Also, again, like Cairnie said, there is a difference in the colouration of Rayman compared to the final release, but she didn’t mention that the shoes are also different.

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