Zidane Football Generation [PS2 – Cancelled]

Zidane Football Generation [PS2 – Cancelled]

Zidane Football Generation is a soccer game developed for the Playstation 2 by Trecision. Like Scooty Racers, it was cancelled after the developer filed for voluntary liquidation in 2003.

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3 thoughts on “Zidane Football Generation [PS2 – Cancelled]

  1. matt

    The game was originally announced for the Xbox aswell with Cryo Interactive as the publisher. They also went under in 2003 so I doubt that helped either.

  2. News

    In North America was to be called as Zidane Soccer Generation, this was developed by Trecision and cancelled by Cryo Interactive because the company was declared bankrupt. After much negotiation, most of the assets and development teams of Cryo Interactive were absorbed by DreamCatcher Interactive, forming the base for DreamCatcher Europe.
    On 20 October 2008 Microïds acquired the brands and intellectual property of Cryo Interactive. Microïds have also said that they intend to distribute Cryo’s older games digitally, and that they are developing new games based on Cryo’s IPs.

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