The Swamp Thing [GEN MD – Cancelled]

The Swamp Thing [GEN MD – Cancelled]

The Swamp Thing is a cancelled action / platform game that was being developed for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive by Nuvision, the same team behind the unreleased Bean Ball Benny. There is a Nes title with the same name, created by Imagineering Inc, but it is a different game.

As we can read from the Sega Age Forums , in november 2010 a proto of The Swamp Thing was released to the community:

The game is unique to say the least. In this side scrolling 2D platformer, you travel around as Swamp Thing while taking out baddies intent on destroying the environment. During the game, you are able to take the form of various objects (like a leaf, log, and apple) to help you in keeping the forest clean.

This game was displayed at a CES show, and for one reason or another, was never finished or released. This proto locks up at the end of the first level, but it gives you a great idea of what the game would have looked like.



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5 thoughts on “The Swamp Thing [GEN MD – Cancelled]

  1. John Doom

    Hi there! It’s me again! I’ve hex-searched the rom and I’ve found out something interesting: it’s a repeated rom! xd I mean that the real rom is repeated 8 times. Besides, there are about 1.43 mb of unusued space inside. So, the Actual Rom’s Size is…:

    (4 – 1.43)mb
    ARS = —————— = 0.32 mb

    Probably they used this method as placeholders.

  2. badinsults

    Mirroring is actually a very common thing in cart-based games. I know that many SNES games that have sizes that are not an even multiple of 2 will pad out the chip by repeating data.

  3. Dumby

    Mirroring is because of the way the cartridge was dumped, i.e by reading the whole genesis memory area (4MB) and not the ROM chip directly. By doing this way you generally got mirrored data as the cartridge ROM will eventually ignore higher address lines if ROM size is < 4Mbyte

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