Downfall [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

Downfall [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

Downfall is a cancelled survival horror / sandbox open world game that was in development by Crystal Dynamics in 2007, for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  Sadly the project was canned before being officially announced, so we dont know much about its gameplay, but from the few concept arts preserved, we can assume that it was going to be somehow similar to I Am Alive / Disaster Report / Project Survivors, with some horror twist. Downfall was set in a post-quake San Francisco, as another cancelled game for the PS2, The Big One.

The images in the gallery below were saved to preserve the existence of this lost game.

Thanks to Hey Hey for the contribution!


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2 thoughts on “Downfall [X360 PS3 – Cancelled]

  1. V

    Oh man, it’s a bummer this game was cancelled. I think it sounds really cool, and some of the gameplay mechanics look innovative. It’s sad that they didn’t proceed with this project, since I can imagine this competing with the SH series (now that it’s quality has been lowered thanks to broken gameplay, messy storyline and dead creativity)

    I think what really would’ve brought this game alive would be the environments- even if we have alot of games set in the post-apoc, many of them rely on combat/shooting and are FPS. I think that if this game had toned down the combat mechanics and focused more on survival itself, it would be pretty damn awesome.

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