Project Survivors (Lionhead Studios) [Cancelled Concept – Xbox 360]

Project Survivors (Lionhead Studios) [Cancelled Concept – Xbox 360]

Survivors was a misterious project that was in development at Lionhead Studios for the Xbox 360: not many information are available, apart from a series of concept arts, from wich we can only wonder about how the game could have been played. From what we can see, it seems that Survivors was going to be a “survival” action adventure, in the same vein as Raw Danger or Disaster Report (aka SOS: The Final Escape in Europe), in which the player would have had to find a way to survive in a collapsing city / world.

It’s currenlty unknow if this project will ever be finished or if it could be somehow connected to the Dimitri Project (another misterious Lionhead game).



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One thought on “Project Survivors (Lionhead Studios) [Cancelled Concept – Xbox 360]

  1. UltimateUltra

    Too bad Peter and or Microsoft couldn’t see how good this concept is.
    Sony did and now brings The Last of Us…

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