[Projects] Latest video from the Super Mario World Beta Remake!

[Projects] Latest video from the Super Mario World Beta Remake!

This is my final video for the Super Mario World Beta Hack. This features a new level, SMW Beta Layer 3 Clouds, Beta “Tall” Overworld names, and my favorite part, beta Luigi. Comments and suggestions are gladly welcome. Please enjoy! I hope to be able to release the hack soon…

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33 thoughts on “[Projects] Latest video from the Super Mario World Beta Remake!

  1. person

    oh and in the future I’m not sure if this is possible but do you think there is anyway to hack in toad and peach as playable characters?

  2. person

    oh and what I mean by that is……after the hack gets done maybe as a bonus. oh and one last thing…….what about the beta koopaling?

    1. monokoma

      There were beta-toad-houses in the early screens? I dont remember :O anyway, if those were in the screens, probably Randy has added them in this hack

  3. person

    Yes there were indeed beta toad houses………I’ll see if I can find a screenshot but I am almost positive there were

  4. googoth

    if you want to release this put it on megaupload, rapidshere, windows live skydrive, or send space hope you can release this hack!

    You are the best hacker ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Randy 355

    Wow, didn’t notice I was getting comments! The beta green,”toad house” is really a mystery. I can only go by theory it was some kind of beta Yoshi House. I do not think I will grant access to the house in the game because we have no information on what was there…

    @ Googoth: I am flattered, thank you! I can’t take all of the credit though, I get lots of help from users at http://www.smwcentral.net. I will be releasing the hack both here and on SMW Central when it is complete.

    @ person: I will not be putting Toad or Peach in this hack, but some hacks do have those characters on SMW Central. The Beta Koopaling probably isn’t going to happen, or at least the one in the screenshot…

  6. Randy 355

    I unfortunately do not have a release date. This is due to my decisions on work-time and ideas of what to create/insert. All I can say is I can’t really tell you because I do not know. Just know I will NEVER quit on this project until it is finished.

  7. Randy 355

    Um… I suppose I could post the current state the hack is in. This is what my bio says on SMW central:

    Main Levels:

    Bonus Levels:

    Title Screen:

    Main overworld:

    Sub-Screen overworlds:

    Beta Small Mario:

    Beta Small Luigi:
    In Progress

    Status Bar:

    List of things to do after V 1.0 release (in order of realisticness):
    Overworld Border Beta stats. (unlikely)
    Beta Mode 7 boss battle (haha yeah right!)


    1. monokoma

      Really nice :) Thansk for the update Randy! Cant wait to play this, especially it there will be an extra “bonus level with U64 easter eggs” ;)

    1. Randy 355

      Yes, boss fights like iggy and a few others are done in Mode 7, and there is one beta screenshot depicting a different fight pattern than the one in the final. I don’t see creating this even optional…

  8. Randy 355

    @ Googoth: Unless these are legit beta levels I do not want them. If they are, could you send me the levels via P.M. on the unseen forums? It would be easier for me.

    Also, a sub-screen overworld is just the small version of the main overworld. For example, Yoshi’s Island is a Sub-Screen overworld in contrast to the big map with Donut Plains, Choco Island, Cookie Mountain, ect.

    @ Person:

    Yes it is small, but I don’t know where to get a bigger version. I’m sure there is a better scan somewhere…

  9. Randy 355

    Sorry, I can’t really accept those. The reason being since they aren’t official beta levels, every other level is going to be made by me. This is not just a big project for me, but also a hobby and I want a lot of this to be my own work. I am very grateful for the help though, and you will be in my credits.

  10. Googoth

    If you can release a demo i can play a part of the beta because i played befor when i made a trip to my dads friends house and the progress is good enouth for me

  11. Googoth

    Sorry i ment to say is i want to play a part of the beta because when im at my dads friends house i can play the acutal beta but he died with hemp-c so i cant play it now so can you release this how it is

  12. Anon BSSM Fan

    Wow! A Super Mario World beta rom? I’m going back to the betas again! I’m ready to get the Beta Super Mario World rom, because you know what I say, “Dynami tis Afroditis, Metamorfose Me!”

  13. Anon BSSM Fan

    Woohoo! I can’t wait to play the Super Mario World Beta Rom! You know what they say, All toasters toasts toast!

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