Batman [NES – Beta]

Batman [NES – Beta]

In the beta version of Batman for the NES, there are a series of videos before the levels that are different from the ones in the final game. A collection of these videos can be found in the Youtube channel of BrYaN5555.

Thanks to KEK8 for the contribution!


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2 thoughts on “Batman [NES – Beta]

  1. Daniel Bethe

    It looks to me like they simply deleted a bunch of it, and reduced some of the color palette for the final product. I seem to remember that some shots were the same but monochrome, and that others were simply shorter. That would seem to be a limitation of storage space on the cartridge, based on the price they were trying to hit. That’s my guess, based on my memory from when it came out!

    Thanks for sharing the clips!

  2. HS

    @ Daniel – There’s also the possibility that there was pressure from Warner to make the cutscenes more like scenes of the movie, especially in Batman’s appearance. Memory seems like it could be an issue, but this looks more like an artistic change more than anything.

    Just my opinion, though. Anyone able to interview the staff of Sunsoft from 1989? :p

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