The Incredible Shrinking Character [Cancelled – PSX SAT PC]

The Incredible Shrinking Character [Cancelled – PSX SAT PC]

The Incredible Shrinking Character is a cancelled action adventure game that was in development by Go-Go Interactive Studios and that would have been published by Cyberdreams for the Playstation, Saturn and PC in 1996. The plot involved a crazy doctor that shrinked the main character with an experimental potion. Players would had to explore the (now) huge laboratory resolving puzzles, to find a way to return to normal. As we can read at Bill Narum’website, former owner of Go Go Studios:

The year is 1959. You are a Private Investigator hired to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Julie Caldwell, daughter of a wealthy east-coast industrialist family. The subject, in her early twenties, was last reported heading to visit the home and laboratory of Dr. Warren Franklin. […]

On the afternoon of January 30th, you head off to the doctor’s castle for the interview of a lifetime. Unknown to you, Dr. Franklin has laid a trap, and you awaken in a stupor to find yourself only 3 feet tall and gradually shrinking. You realize now that finding Julie will be no simple task. […]

Another reoccurring sound you can’t help but notice is that of a female screaming, most likely the victimized Julie. The volume and intensity increases as you approach the dungeon. You must find the antidote and save Julie soon, but first you must evade becoming dinner for the doctor’s house cat, and numerous other deadly creatures, bats, rats, roaches and ants, etc. that inhabit the mysterious castle.

They planned at least 10 levels in the game, in which the main character would have shrinked more and more each hour, leaving us to deal with big ants and size-based puzzles. A short preview of The Incredible Shrinking Character with some screens were published in NextGeneration magazine issue 14 and some more info on the project can be found at Bill Narum’website. You can even download a playable beta demo for PC! Huge props to Bill for preserving some documents of this lost game!

Thanks to Celine for the contribution! Thanks to Ari for a backup of the demo!



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6 thoughts on “The Incredible Shrinking Character [Cancelled – PSX SAT PC]

  1. solidsnake11

    more information cyberdreams got the final beta test version for shrinking character before scrapting it would be awesome if we can buy that build of this game

  2. LiqMat

    The demo and “subdemo” >>

    A warning about this demo. It’s is completely messed up on my modern system. Your character falls through the level and then crash every time. Plan to test it on a real Win9x machine later. Forget the bat file and just copy all the texture files from the “gogotext” folder into the main game folder and then run the exe. Not much to it that I can see, but then again I keep falling through the floor. LOL

    1. LiqMat

      For some odd reason when you click on that link above it drops the period at the end which is part of the actual web address. So copy that link with the period at the end and paste it into a new address bar or tab and then enter. Link will work then. Cheers.

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