The cancelled Titan A.E. game is almost restored

The cancelled Titan A.E. game is almost restored

Based on the animated film with the same name, Titan AE for the playstation and PC was in development in 1999 by Blitz Games, but it was never released. Only a 1-level demo was somehow leaked online, but thanks to John Doom we can now play some more beta levels that were still hidden in there!

  • Tau14 (the original demo level)
  • Trade
  • Vigo 1st Prime
  • Drej Ship
  • Derelic ship

To activate these lost levels, you can download John Doom’s patch. Check the video description for more info.

Q:What is “A.E.FULLGAME_v1.ppf” ?

A:It’s a specific patch file for the psx demo disc “Titan A.E. Demo [U] [SLUS-90082]”

Q:So how can I patch the demo?

A:You need the program “PPF-O-MATIC” and a BIN image of “Titan A.E. Demo [U] [SLUS-90082]”. You guessed it! (I hope…): select the demo image in “ISO File” and “A.E.FULLGAME_v1.ppf” in “Patch”. Ok, now press on Apply and… GG! the demo is patched and now you can play 5 levels!

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7 thoughts on “The cancelled Titan A.E. game is almost restored

  1. Triifid

    Don’t know if this is useful, but Fiber over at the ASSEMblergames forums ( found a Gameshark code that opens up what seems to be the original game menu.

    However, the code quoted on the forum freezes up the game and the following code is the correct one: 800291E0 9FC9.

    At least three of the levels load (Titan 1 and 3, and Bangkok 2) and are playable, but you can only explore these areas. There is also a debug sky with the Fox Interactive and Blitz logos visible.

    1. monokoma

      Wow, great work Edward! I cant really merge the 2 posts, but we could update the old Titan A.E. page with the info about the patch and link it to this post :)

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