Aqua (Scavenger) [Saturn, PC – Cancelled]

Aqua (Scavenger) [Saturn, PC – Cancelled]

Aqua is a cancelled action adventure that was in development by Scavenger for the Sega Saturn and PC. Players would have been able to explore a sunken Mayan city under the sea, looking at fishes and other aquatic fauna. The gameplay could have probably been similar to Everblue (PS2) / Endless Ocean (Wii) by Arika or the Aquanaut’s Holiday series by Artdink, but sadly Scavenger’s Aqua was never finished. In 1997 the company had to close down for bankruptcy.

Thanks to Rod_Wod for the scan!


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3 thoughts on “Aqua (Scavenger) [Saturn, PC – Cancelled]

  1. Ross Sillifant

    I wish i hadn’t started looking into Scavenger lost games.

    There have been accounts of other games from the collective Group given by an anonymous poster and 2 other claims from someone reporting under the name Team Scavenger, well there were numerous teams and offices…

    So in the interest of neutrality and balance i won’t name the source of the following claim, made at the time by another supposed ex Scavenger staffer…

    They claim this was developed by the Danish studio which was made up of realitvely inexperienced games coders, they were more experienced in Demo Group work..

    Thier manager had very limited Games Industry Experience shall we say?

    Also the fact this game showed promise took people by surprise, they were supposed to be developing more lower end titles, but work was progressing well before the company went under.

    This version of events relates allegedly to Tarantula as well.

    I cannot vouch for the credibility of these accounts..but they have been in the public domain for years.

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