Star Trek Elite Force 2 [PC – Beta]

Star Trek Elite Force 2 [PC – Beta]

Star Trek: Elite Force 2 is a FPS developed by Ritual Entertainment and published in 2003 by Activision for PC. As we can read in wikipedia, towards the end of March 2002, rumors were reported that a sequel to Elite Force was in development. The game was the last Star Trek title to be developed under Activision’s supervision, following a dispute with Star Trek licensing holder Viacom.

In the gallery below you can see the first screenshots released for Star Trek: Elite Force 2, with an early engine and incomplete graphic (as a place holder HUD). Check the video below to compare it with the beta screens: if you notice more differences, please let us know!

Thanks to discworld for the contribution!


Video (from the final version):


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3 thoughts on “Star Trek Elite Force 2 [PC – Beta]

  1. b hohlt

    Your site is interesting – Is it possible, may we please contact the uploader hosting (with a youtube account, now closed) the star trek beta film clip? We would very much like to see if it is worth looking through. Maybe make a new friend.
    Thx HANDay

    1. monokoma Post author

      The Star Treck video was from the final version, i did not notice tha the video was taken down! I’ll find another one, it’s just for comparison :)

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