Jet Ski Rage [Sega 32X / Saturn – Cancelled]

Jet Ski Rage [Sega 32X / Saturn – Cancelled]

Jet Ski Rage is a cancelled sport / racing game that was in development by Velocity for the Sega 32X add-on. The game was going to be something like Wave Race but in first person view, with detailed water physic and a rumored multiplayer mode. Jet Ski Rage was likely canceled early in development as the failure of the 32X became apparent shortly after launch and then moved to Sega Saturn.

In the process Velocity added a “fighting” component to it (deadly courses, floating spikes, bounty hunters etc.). Even on its Saturn incarnation Jet Ski Rage would never seen the light of the day for unknown reasons.

Celine was able to find some screens of the 32X version (probably target-renders) in CD Consoles magazine issue #7 while the Saturn article was found on Sega Vision issue #25. Thanks to Jason for the english corrections!


Saturn article on Sega Vision 25

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9 thoughts on “Jet Ski Rage [Sega 32X / Saturn – Cancelled]

  1. Anonymous

    whoa, that cover artwork is a total ripoff of wave race 64… But since it’s a 32x game it’s probably earlier than the N64 game. maybe nintendo ripped them off instead…

  2. Anonymous

    Assuming that box art came from the same magazine issue, it’s more likely that they mocked it up using some random art assets they had sitting around. Which happened to be art for Wave Race.

  3. Ha Ngoi Fong

    That is literally Ayumi Stewart from Wave Race 64 on the cover… Same outfit, same colors on the outfit, same jet ski, same number on her jet ski (IIRC), same everything… And the guy behind her is also from Wave Race (I can’t recall his name, though… It’s either Dave Mariner, Ryuta Hayami, or Miles Jeter… I think it’s Ryuta, though…)

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