Last Action Hero [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled]

Last Action Hero [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled]

Last Action Hero for the Sega Mega CD is a cancelled game adaptation of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film of the same name, developed by Bits Studios to be published by Sony Imagesoft.  The NES, Super NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Boy and Sega Game Gear versions were released, but they all look different from the Mega CD version, that used pre-rendered characters and background, as in the Bram Stoker’s Dracula CD game. A Sega Master System version was also developed, but never released.

Thanks to Celine and S.J. Reed for the contribution! (scan from EGM51! and a few from HG101)


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5 thoughts on “Last Action Hero [Sega Mega CD – Cancelled]

  1. Youloute

    Bits Studio was attached to Psygnosis so the game has been developped in England.
    I’ve found a release date: 11/30/93
    I think the game has been cancelled because of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was a fighting game but he did’nt want any violence in the game. Hmmm, let me imagine the result… So, I guess the gameplay has suffered of that and Sony probably didn’t want to release a bad game.
    Here is a scan of a french magazine (Megaforce):

  2. Ross Sillifant

    You mentioned Mega CD Dracula, which received awful reviews,was pulled recoded and still received awful reviews :-))

    This direct from a Psygnosis employee:

    Psygnosis know that this game stinks ! They wanted to write a nice impressive
    adventure but Sega insisted on a standard platform beat ’em up type thing, just
    so that it would sell to little kiddies. The graphics are very very bad on the
    Sega version because the Sega only has 64 colours on screen out of a pallette of
    512 and you just can’t get pretty digitised graphics with that sort of colour
    range (why do you think most Sega game are all in bright, sonic-style, primary
    colours). I should imagine that all the graphics on the CD32 version will be much
    nicer – all the graphics are generated on SG workstations in 24-bit and reduced
    to the capabilities of the platform – the game play will still be sh#t though.
    But you can thank the mighty Sega for that !
    Psygnosis’s CD skills have moved on considerably from the likes of Dracula and
    Microcosm – they’re still learning !

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