Smaartvark [GEN MD – Cancelled]

Smaartvark [GEN MD – Cancelled]

Smaartvark (also know as “Arnie the Aardvark” and “Miniature Aardvark TV Repairmen”) is a cancelled platform / action game that was in development by Codemasters for the Genesis / Mega Drive. The title is a wordplay between “aardwark”, a medium-sized mammal native to Africa, and “smart”: infact the main protagonist of the game was an aardwark TV technician, as we can see from its sprite in the screens below.

There are not much info about this project and we dont know why it was never released. It seems that the player had to repair a TV by entering in its channels and defeating the bugs that cause the problem.

Thanks to Rod_Wod and Celine for the scans!


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9 thoughts on “Smaartvark [GEN MD – Cancelled]

  1. Celine

    The last scan is from Joypad 29.
    There is also an artwork and a slightly different image based on the electrified scene in EGM 52 scan I sent you.

  2. alexgizh

    I really hope some Codemasters employee saved this one. It’d be really cool if someone dumps (at least a proto of) it. I swear, I’m going to make a full game out of it using the demo sprites.

  3. Cubivore10

    I have a theory as to why it was canned. Codemasters seems to get in trouble a lot legally, which may have been the case here. Smaartvark looks almost identical to the comic book character Cerebus the Aardvark.

  4. MR. SEGA

    I really like, I have all the games sega mega drive, it is a pity no Revoked and unreleased, where to find ROMs for these Games? will they ever?

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