Charlie Brown’s All-Stars [PS2/PSP – Cancelled]

Charlie Brown’s All-Stars [PS2/PSP – Cancelled]

Charlie Brown’s All-Stars is a cancelled baseball game that was in development by FarSight Studios in 2007, for the PS2 and PSP. The game was probably based around one of many prime-time animated TV specials about the popular comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. The plot of the cartoon could have been used for the game too:

After Charlie Brown’s team loses their first game of the season (123-0), his team throws down their caps in disgust and quits. Frustrated and depressed, Charlie Brown wanders around aimlessly until Linus meets him with good news: Mr. Hennessey, operator of a local hardware store, is offering to sponsor Charlie Brown’s team, place them in an organized league, and even buy them new uniforms.

Charlie Brown’s All-Stars would have been published by Namco Bandai, as we can read in their official press release:

The cast of Peanuts has come together in an entertaining and fun pick-up-and-play baseball game, Charlie Brown’s All-Stars. Players can help Charlie Brown end his 900 game losing streak as they play baseball with an incredible cast of more than 30 Peanuts characters. Players can also take part in any of four Party Games, including batting, fielding and pitching contests, as well as a good ol’ fashioned game of “Lucy Says.” As players progress through the game they will have the chance to enjoy classic Peanuts storylines, artwork and unlock tons of bonus content including every baseball-related Peanuts comic strip. Charlie Brown’s All-Stars steps up to the plate in Spring 2007. This title has not yet been concept approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The game was canned because FarSight was over booked with too many games and not enough staff. Charlie Brown’s All-Stars was suppose to be developed in tandem with “Snoopy vs the Red Baron” and was going to share some assets from that. Red Baron turned out to be a good game, so it’s a shame Charlie Browns All Stars didn’t follow in its footsteps.

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6 thoughts on “Charlie Brown’s All-Stars [PS2/PSP – Cancelled]

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, snoopy vs. the red baron was some of the best stuff that I’ve played in awhile. It’s a shame…Add this game to the list of games where I’ll always have to wonder what could have been. Also on the list are the sequel to conker’s bad fur day and leisure suit larry cocoa butter.

  2. Anonymous

    My favorite part of the Charlie Brown cartoons is when Snoopy turns into the World War II flying ace and is searching for the red baron. I was also searching the web for information, and I found out that a Charlie Brown book is in 19 different languages!!!!!!!!


  3. monokoma Post author

    As far as i see, the mobile game is a different one, a 2D touch-screen game, while this one was going to be a traditional 3D baseball game, they only use the same name that is the title of the TV Show :)

  4. cowthe2000

    There’s an ad for the game on the back of the instruction booklet for Snoopy Vs The Read Baron on PS2. The ad includes a mock-up of the game with 3D models and the claim that there are over 70 peanuts characters in the game

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