Sidhe [PS2/XBOX/GC – Cancelled]

Sidhe [PS2/XBOX/GC – Cancelled]

Sidhe is a cancelled Real Time Strategy game that was in development at Kalisto Entertainment from 1998 to 2001.  Initially it was meant to be released only for the Playstation 2, but while the development was still in progress  it seems that they decided to port the game on the “newly released” Xbox and GameCube too. Sidhe took place in a middle east athmosphere, in which the player was a god fighting other gods incarnating into heroes.

A video of the game was shown at ECTS 2001, but it’s currently unavailable: if you still have a copy of this trailer, please let us know!  In the end Sidhe was never finished, maybe because Kalisto did not find a publisher interested in the project.

Thanks a lot to Pierre Mony for the help in preserving some of the artworks that he created for the project and to Gael for the screens with his engine work!


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